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Total Pages Archived: 139
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Added 10 pages from .Kingdom Hearts v2, there are a few more left that survive that will be added later.
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Added four new pages to the FF8 Annihilation section, all from version 1 of the site. Pages are: Guidelines, Classes, GF Menu Abilities, and Draw System.
Added techniques page from DBZ: Dark Ages, very early circa 2002. Added FF7 Fortress v1 Joining Page, circa 2003.
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Added re-coded layout from Syntheticart.net, needs to have the news/updates area rebuilt still. All avys and images are uploaded.
Added image from the FF8 Annihilation v2 layout which was coded on a .com and on MSN Groups, code is lost.
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Added & re-coded the FF9 Pandemonium version one layout, which was later used for Twilight Nocturne.
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Added image layouts for Create v3 Concept, v7 Concepts 1 & 2, and for Create v8 which has lost HTML
Added rebuilt version of Pokemon Concept v2 layout, had to reclaim the background and footer as only the banner exists.
Added Zoids Horizon, DBZ Aftermath v1, and DBZ Aftermath v2 image layouts, they were never coded.
Re-claimed and re-coded both DBZ: Saiyan Legacy v1 and v2 which were made for Tekkenfist.
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Re-coded 4 layouts (Fortress 4, 5, 9, TFOIY 4) and rebuilt existing code of FF&: Final Confrontation v2.
Located unknown backup of FF7 FC which consists of 27 pages (not complete). I’ll see about putting a couple of those pages up soon.
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Major Update ~ 13 total pages added & fully rebuilt to MSN Groups look. Did some organizing of the sections as well, more to come soon.
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Added the version 2 layout from Kingdom Hearts and the v2.5 banner revision.
Added the Kingdom Hearts category.
Added FFviii Annihilation version 3 layout from MSN Groups, not the same as the CPN version.
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Added cleaned up version of FF7 Fortress version 3 homepage.
Added rough version of the FF7 Fortress version 1 homepage, needs to be cleaned up.
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Added Biohazard curative items page, need to upload the images that correspond with the page.
Added DBZ Renewed Faith category & version 3 aliens content page.
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Added FF8 Annihilation version one layout, searching for old affiliate buttons for it.
Added Biohazard Handguns page.
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Added the Create version 6 homepage layout.
Added the Create version 4 homepage layout, searching for buttons from the era.
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