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Chimera Engine
The Chimera Engine is a real time, fully interactive, play-by-post RPG system that puts customization into the players hands. The core functionality of the Chimera Engine is located in a few key areas of a play-by-post RPG. The first area is an interactive character profile that allows the player to make changes to their own character setup without the need of an admin to update, all in real time. The second area is site-wide feature integration into that character profile, be it stat systems, item & equipment shops, member database, etc these things can now be interactive and allow characters to experience them as they should be. Finally the third area is the fully featured admin control panel that gives admins and moderators the ability to quickly make changes to profiles where admin approval is still required without editing code.
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MSN Groups RPG Archive
The history of Dystopia Productions stretches more than a decade back to MSN Groups, where many of us here began our RPG building dreams. Though MSN Groups has been closed now since 2009 there is still a fond memory of the RPGs hosted there and how they effect our RPG design and philosophy to this day. In an attempt to remember and archive as much information about those RPGs and the MSN Groups community as possible I’ve undertaken the task of creating a directory and simply engine to allow myself ans well as anyone who wishes to aide me in recording that history. The archive seeks to remember brief histories of these RPGs as well as the people who created them and those who helped manage them. We also seek to save any buttons or available content and layouts from these RPGs that still exist and will gladly make them listed in this archive.
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Dystopia’s Portfolio
Dystopia Productions was originally planned to be a host of my own RPGs as well as a portfolio for my artwork and web design of the past, present, and future. While the direction of Dystopia Productions has changed over the years since it’s original creation I did spend a good deal of time working on and uploading artwork and layouts to my portfolio and I intend to continue doing so, though as a side project on the site. My portfolio also consists of archives of my past RPGs and websites, in as complete to original condition as possible. Work on these archives will also continue, and may be more present than that of my graphic design work due to the fact that many are RPGs and thus can serve as a jump off point to future RPGs here. While the exposure of my design work may be less, this is still Dystopia Productions after all.