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Current & Future Activity
» Posted By: dystopia ~ On ( 04.18.17 )

 For anyone that stumbles upon Chrono Trigger: Eternal Gaze and sees recent posts, be it a new comer or a returning member just browsing through past RPs, I would like to say we are current somewhat open to RPing. As of this post I’m running a single thread (much like the old chronicle RPs) in which myself and others are currently participating. I would gladly accept any returning member into the RP no questions asked with the same stats and everything from where we left off. For new comers, if you’ve come across us somehow and would like to join our small RP just drop me a line on the forums or through the site chat and we can talk about it in detail, and hopefully get you RPing! If by some means people started showing up here years later I’d commit to keeping the RP going, though I don’t see much chance in that.

The Return of the Eternal
» Posted By: dystopia ~ On ( 04.02.15 )

 With this style of RPG (open world, JRPG concept) being pretty hard to maintain and generate activity for in the past several years we decided to take a break. That break is now over, though the RPG will not be running the same way it had before. We’ll be simply role-playing a main story from this point on, with all character’s levels brought into a range of 13-19 so as to make the combat more balanced. While several players from before have returned, if you happen to have stumbled upon our RPG and you’re a big fan of Chrono Trigger you can still join! Just hit us up on the forums and we can work anything out.

Chronicle & Quest Update (65m BC!)
» Posted By: dystopia ~ On ( 10.01.14 )

 Firmly over my cold and settled into my new work schedule things have started to pick up again. Over the past week I got the second chapter of our site chronicle started, thrusting us back into prehistory! Along with the start of the chronicle’s second chapter I’ve also added a batch of new quests to go along with our journey to a new time period. Happily it seems everyone has jumped on those as they are all or soon all will be started. I’ll likely add a couple more next week as we finish this first batch to keep things rolling. There is also soon going to be a little more freedom to time travel to the places we have already been, along with new quests and small events in those times. And finally tonight or at least before the weekend the secondary class rules and custom equipment pages will be added.

I’ve Been Slacking!
» Posted By: dystopia ~ On ( 09.21.14 )

 Yeah I know, it’s been awhile since I posted a main page update! Anyway, today marks month three of Chrono Trigger: Eternal Gaze. It’s been a great ride so far, and though this past week was hampered by me being sick and a slow down in activity rest assured things will bounce back this week! The first chapter of the Chronicle has come to a close, which means there is a big update on the way for most every character here! Following this the second Chapter will start as well as a batch of new quests to pair with our next time jump!

Influx of Gold Coming!
» Posted By: dystopia ~ On ( 08.17.14 )

 With people starting to reach level 10 and after the Chronicle chapter finishes and updates everyone should be around there it’s going to be time to start pumping some much needed gold into the site so people can logically buy the next upgrades in armor and weapons. Expect some quests in the next few days that relate this to all members! In other news partway through this week the site will have officially been open for two months! Things have been pretty steady lately and word has come to me that Audion might be joining us soon, so lets keep our fingers crossed with that one! And finally keep this Chronicle posts coming! We need to have it rolling steady!


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