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G u i d e l i n e   N a v i g a t i o n

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A   H i s t o r y   L e s s o n
  In late 2004 a concept for what would become this site was originally thought of, though the idea of a Chrono Trigger RPG was something I had almost attempted before. A lot of work from that point until mid 2005, when Chrono Trigger: Eternal Gaze opened, went into making a Chrono Trigger RPG that captured the atmosphere. When it opened CT:EG was a ‘Create Project’, ‘Create’ being a group of RPG creators I was involved with at the time, we released many RPGs but this was the first. Sadly I found managing CT:EG more than I was up to at the time, and it was very short lived, something I’ve alwats regretted. You’re now viewing an updated version, though the visuals and general feel of the site is mostly unchanged and will remain that way, it’s a blast from the past. I hope anyone who makes it this far enjoys their stay here, the me of nearly ten years ago would be proud.  

M e m b e r   B a s i c s

  »  Members are only allowed to role-play one character at a time, as having two characters on two accounts could amount to cheating the system. If you’re caught breaking this rule, you will be banned.

»  A few of the systems here require some dice rolls, which are handled by the built in site dice roller (seen on every page header). Rolls are logged, cheating will get you banned, so don’t lie or re-roll.

»  You’re free to post links to your own RPG on our ( affiliation board ) but don’t go crazy and don’t spam posts or spam peoples PM inboxes with links, you’ll be punished and depending on how bad perhaps banned.

»  Please take the time to read through all the guidelines pages before you start role-playing, it will make things much easier on everyone, and if you have questions ask them on the ( questions board ).