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Frequently Asked Questions.
Welcome to Dystopia Productions, if you’re new or unfamiliar with the site you’ve come to the right place! Below you will find a organized list of frequently asked questions, if the question you need answered isn’t listed here please stop by the community forums and ask away!
General Questions.
+ What Is Dystopia Productions?
+ Will You Host My RPG?
+ Does it Cost Anything to Be Hosted on Dystopia Productions?
Does Dystopia Productions Have Any Unique Features?
+ Where Can I Find All the RPGs Hosted on Dystopia Productions?
Forum and Chat Questions.
+ How Do I Set My Avatar for the Site Chat?
+ The Forum is Breaking Up My Post, What Do I Do?
+ How Do I Edit My Post in HTML?
What is Dystopia Productions?
Dystopia Productions is a small play-by-post RPG host. Our origins began on MSN Groups where many of us were part of the strong RPG community that had grown around the free host. When MSN Groups closed I along with a few others started a similar free host in the style of MSN Groups so many of the existing RPGs would have a place to migrate to that supported our style of role-playing best. Cyberpunk Nexus as it was called lasted a couple years but after shutting it down I decided to keep hosting RPGs just on a smaller scale, and from that came Dystopia Productions. Our goal here is to host a strong stable of play-by-post RPGs and build a community around those RPGs that will benefit all the RPGs we host.


Will You Host My RPG?
We might! However, because we are not a automated public host (where anyone can setup a RPG at any time) we like to make sure the RPGs we host are right for our community. If you have a RPG already or you have an idea for one that you’d like to make by all means contact us on the community forums and let us know about it, if we feel it’s right for Dystopia Productions then we’ll get in contact and start working out the details of the process.


Does it Cost Anything to Be Hosted on Dystopia Productions?
Nope, not a cent! If we feel your RPG has what it takes to be part of our community we’ll host you for free, and probably go out of our way to help you make it as great as possible!


Does Dystopia Productions Have Any Unique Features?
Tons, our community is built to function like MSN Groups did, allowing full websites with content instead of just forums. A long with that we also offer a site wide chat service that all members can use to keep in contact which is much more useful than simple PMs on a forum. Dystopia Productions is also the future testing ground of a groundbreaking play-by-post RPG engine known as the Chimera Engine which when complete will be offered to all RPGs hosted on Dystopia Productions.


Where Can I Find All the RPGs Hosted on Dystopia Productions?
You can find all the RPGs we currently host (open to the public, private RPs, and closed or archived RPGs) on our RPG Directory. The Dystopia Productions RPG Directory also holds various other information about our hosted RPGs including how many members they have and how active their forums are!


How Do I Set My Avatar For the Site Chat?
Dystopia Productions features as "Facebook like" cross site chat system where any online user can instantly contact any other online user in a private IM window. These chats have avatars, stock avatars for members who haven’t set theirs. The chat system uses "Gravatars" which are a cross site avatar that will show up anywhere that supports Gravatars. All you have to go is go register on the Gravatar Website using the same email you used to join here and it will automatically update!


The Forum is Breaking Up My Post, What Do I Do?
A lot of forums that have built in HTML editors have this problem, it has to do with how they handle paragraph tags in the HTML. The easiest way around this, when not editing your posts in direct HTML is to simple Shift+Enter whenever you want to do a line break, that was the editor reads it as part of the same paragraph instead of starting a new paragraph.


How Do I Edit My Post in HTML?
One of the main features of the Dystopia Productions forums is the ability to post HTML instead of dumbed down BBcode. This allows users to post graphic ‘post boxes’ and full HTML enabled profiles, giving users more customization over their presence in the forums. When using the HTML post editor you will notice a button on the tool bar that says "HTML" click it to launch a dialog where you can directly enter HTML code or edit your posts HTML (as seen the image to the top right.)

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