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 ›› date: 05.07.07 ] – [ posted by: cooler ]
Tumbleweeds seem to be blowing by every now and then. Fortress’s activity is slowing down, and from what Strife has told me, some of the staff has abandoned us. Although, things seem to look negative for the future of Fortress, I disagree. We’re simply going through a rut. A rut that we shall soon pass by. I myself have been gone for about a week, as I had no time. I had school….

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  ›› date: 04.15.07 ] – [ posted by: strife ]
Alright, the first week of FFvii Fortress is officially over, and boy what a week it was, the activity was outstanding, as was the interaction between all our great members. Also after the first week i have to say I’m very impressed with how well my staff has handled itself, keep things updated, helping members, and everything else, its been great. Now moving on to the big news of the day, the FFvii Fortress chronicle…
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  ›› date: 04.10.07 ] – [ posted by: strife ]
Well everyone, we have gone through our first two days here at fortress and it seems things are going great, activity is more then i expected, a lot more actually so I’m very happy about that, I’m also very happy that some much member interaction is taking place, its really nice to see that. The events are doing awesome, which is also great 216 posts on the first, in 24 hours, that’s amazing….
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  ›› date: 04.08.07 ] – [ posted by: strife ]
That’s right people, just as i promised fortress is open. It may be about 2 months past my original launch date, and there may be a few things here and there that still need finishing but its done and that’s whats important, so set those bios up, and start role-playing because this is going to be the biggest RPG to ever grace msn groups, and the best.
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  ›› date: 01.13.07 ] – [ posted by: strife ]
Ok so this is my first update here on fortress in a long time, and you can expect to see more of them soon since I’ve officially began my serious content work on fortress. As you may know I’ve started on the knew class sections for the site as well as the new equipment sections while at the same time saiyen, audion, and fevian are helping with the bestiary and materia, so expect to see progress soon….
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