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8:32 pm
April 29, 2020


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Post edited 4:11 am – April 30, 2020 by sanarian

Image: https://i.imgur.com/r6b0nnh.png
Name: Nika Feldt
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Height: 5'6″
Weight: 119lbs
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Mako Green-Blue
Birthplace: Junon
Weapon: Broadsword
Armor: Bronze Bangle
Materia: Restore, Steal
Biography: Once known as Victoria Albrecht, she was born to a wealthy couple in the employ of the ShinRa Electric Power Company. Victoria was raised in the lap of luxury, her every whim doted upon. In addition she was given only the best education and tutelage that money could buy, setting her upon the fast track to success. With her parent's urging Victoria would eventually follow in their footsteps and come to work for ShinRa as well, her brilliance lead herr to quickly rise through the ranks to become one of Professor Hojo's assistants–a dream come true, given Hojo's status as her personal role model. Then one day everything changed: a disagreement over a project lead to Hojo using Victoria as a test subject, where she was forced to endure agonizing treatments day after day, until the effects accumulated to the point where she began to show signs of degradation. With her fate apparently sealed Hojo meant to discard her, but the attempt backfired and lead to her escape from the building, but not without a cost: her old life, her memories, her very personality were annihilated. It was through this ordeal that Nika came to exist, completely unaware of the world or who she had once been. Now a voice that only she can hear, who she refers to as “V” (an entity she claims to be the blue materia embedded in her right hand) urges her to seek out AVALANCHE, the only means of protection left to prevent recapture by ShinRa's forces.

Limit Break: Protean Shift
-Level 1: Tri-Destroyer (A three-fold attack using summoned equipment to attack the target).
-Level 3: ???
-Level 3: ???
-Level 4: ???
Just have the Nika's weapons follow the stat path as the blades tree, Dys, for simplicity's sake.

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