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++ Chapter I: Connections

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3:17 pm
June 10, 2020


posts 6

It had taken Aurora nearly three months of vigorous assessments, interviews, applications and training before she had finally secured a job at Shinra. Friends of her brother had been able to help her with the process. Whilst they were not as prepared to put their neck on the line, they did feel her brother had been killed unlawfully by somebody within Shinra and wanted to do their best to help.
She had hoped it would have been a quick job. In, find info, out. However, she had been in operations as a grunt for nearly a fortnight and had still mustered zero evidence to support her case. Friends of her brother had been moved to a different base and she was now acting completely alone. This made things incredibly difficult but she was determined to keep going. She kept herself to herself, followed orders and kept up with her responsibilities so as not to stand out or draw any attention to herself but she was beginning to think she may need to take riskier moves in getting what she wanted.
One think she had been successful in was tampering with her ID pass in such a way that it unlocked doors she did not have authorised access to. This was not quite a skeleton key that would open all doors but now she found herself inside an office that would normally only be available to higher ups. She knew she had a short window to investigate the place and now, fourty-five minutes in, she was still coming up empty.
Suddenly, Aurora heard a loud slamming sound, as though somebody was using brute force against one of the doors. Startled, she turned around and headed over to the main door of the room she was in. Slowly, she pressed the door open and peeked carefully through the gap. Down the corridor she could see four unknown civilians trying to get through the door further down the corridor.
“Civilians? Now what on Earth are they doing down here?” Aurora thought, narrowing her eyes to make them out in clearer detail. Each of them were heavily armed and she was not prepared to take them all on alone but she had to wonder what they were up to. It had been known for resistance memebrs against Shinra to often infiltrate this area but nobody have ever succeeded. Aurora felt lucky that even she had made it this far. Whatever their reasons, they were clearly enemies of Shinra. And an enemy of your enemy is a friend.
She removed her helmet and lay it down on the table beside her before pushing the door completely open and headed down the corridor slowly towards the group.
“Hello, hello. And what do we have here then?” It was dangerous to confront them in her Shinra soldier attire but she kept her distance and hoped they would not lauch an all out attack. “I'm not looking for trouble. I'm genuinely curious.”
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12:41 pm
October 26, 2020


posts 154

  Chapter I ~ Connections
  Cloud squeezed the hilt of his blade, the sound of his leather glove tightening creaking in his ear, he was tense. The corridor stretched out ahead of them perhaps fifty meters before becoming a t-shaped intersection, both new corridors leading into the unknown. There was definitely something off about the situation they found this lab in, as if it had been abandoned at some point, though recently. The ex-Soldier watched as Nika approached the nearest door on their right and with a quick forceful motion kicked into the mat metallic door which gave way with the sound of twisting metal and concrete breaking at the strike plate. Cloud slid behind the others and peered into the dark room, unable to make out much with just the dim flicker of light from the corridor.
   ” Anyone bring a flash light? ” Cloud asked sardonically when the female voice called out at them from down the main corridor. Cloud instinctively pulled his buster sword free even as the woman, dressed clearly in a Shinra uniform, proclaimed that she didn't want trouble. The light from the overhead fluorescent lights briefly illuminated the woman, who was unarmed and approaching cautiously. ” What's it look like? ” Cloud responded to her initial question, weary to reveal anything about who they were and what it was they were doing.
OOC Talk:
If it turns out Aurora does not rejoin us, I will simply take control of her as an NPC for this section so we can continue without any hiccups.
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7:11 pm
October 26, 2020


wutai ninja

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  Chapter I ~ Connections
Void nodded back to Karth as he noticed the man had readied his weapons, and then the raven-haired ninja's eyes shifted back and forth between the other two blondes as he crouched toward Nika and the door she had decimated. He felt he had a duty to watch the silver-haired girl's back as he'd said he would, but as the woman in the ShinRa uniform had appeared he felt he needed to engage the new target. If Nika had used a stealthier approach to the door then he might've been able to think up a decent deception. Now he couldn't think of much else to say, other than a foolish attempt to break the ice and hope the apparent officer hadn't called any reinforcements. If the conversation went south, he discreetly readied himself to throw his large shuriken at her in an attempt to hopefully end things before they escalate further.

With a muffled clearing of the throat he gave Nika a gentle pat on the shoulder and stood up next to his other ally, whose name he still didn't know. “More fancy blonde hair, looks like you two have something in common.” Completely ignoring the fact that Karth also had fancy blonde hair he leaned in closer to the unnamed man, nearly nudging his elbow as he sarcastically spoke just loud enough for all five of them to hear. “Maybe you should introduce yourself?” As much as he was trying to throw the potential security officer off, he also did want to see if there was the slightest chance that the man would actually tell them his name.

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