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DBZ: Eternal Saga


12:51 am
December 13, 2012


Almost Heaven

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Post edited 4:53 am – December 13, 2012 by lydeck

I'm starting a very rough recontruction of Eternal Saga using IPB software.

Right now it's pretty bare, as I'm still getting the hang of working with IPB themes as well as trying to find a theme I like. I have one there right now that's fairly simplistic and could be good as a skeleton to start putting content up. Quite a bit of content was completed with the old site back on CPN, so I have plenty to work with.

The IP Content feature really makes the software a lot more robust and RPG-friendly than you'd initally believe. It's a relatively new feature and one that's pretty kickass if I do say so myself. Let's you easily create pages right into the theme that are easily accessible via the nav.

So I suppose if you're interested you can bookmark the page and watch any progress I make. And if you're that interested, badger me if it seems like I stop. Smile

>> LINK <<

2:44 pm
December 13, 2012


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Nifty, hope everything goes well with it. If you're able to get some people their RPing let us know I might drop in and post some.


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