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Revitalization Project: Chimera Engine


1:37 pm
July 16, 2017


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This is a topic for all things Chimera related, including discussing possible uses for automation across the network of RPGs we host. I'm going to include a list of all the current components of Chimera, the state of completion of each, and the areas that still need to be work on for future reference.

Front End ~ Character Profile:
(100%) Image Edit Tool: Allows you to change your profile image, resizes images to fit the profile automatically.
(100%) Character Info Tool: Allows you to edit any base character info, some options here are turned off.
(100%) Money Transfer Tool: Allows a player to gift money to another player. 
(100%) Equipment Tool: Allows player to swap out equipped items, reflecting instant change in stats.
(100%) Item Transfer Tool: Allows player to gift items and equippment to other players.

Front End ~ Other Interactive Pages:
(100%) Item Database Tool: Allows purchase of items and equipment for money, auto adds them to your profile.
(0%) Technique Database Tool: As with items, except for techniques. (Mostly the same as Item Database code wise)
(50%) Registration Tool: Adds a new profile to the database. Need to finish the parser, also need to add options to queue these for approval that can be turned on or off. Queue system is something I can make once for several of the things we are doing and use over and over.
(0%) Travel Tool: Changes characters location. Need to think about different travel systems we might use overall and incorperate options for all of them, including paid instant travel, or timed travel.
(50%) Character Database: A serachable database that allows you to view other members profiles. The database itself is done, I just need to work up another version of the profile form that loads in profiles. This won't require much work.

Back End ~ Control Panel
› (100%) Design UI: I need to come up with a univeral design for the control panel. This will be the same for every site we use Chimera on. It can be simple but needs to be organized. I intend to use tabs probably for different sub-areas.
(0%) God Mode Tool: Loads all profile options so admin's can edit anything. Much of this will use existing parsers but a couple new ones will need to be created to allow admins to remove techniques or items, etc.
(0%) Registration Tool: Nearly the same thing as the front end version, just different UI and the ability to set the userid instead of it pulling it automatically from whoever is signed in. Lets us add players manually if need be.
(0%) Add Techniques Tool: Adds new techniques to the database, no editing pages required.
(0%) Add Items Tools: As with Techniques but adds new items, no editing, etc.
(0%) Edit Techniques Tool: Allows you to pick an existing technique via dropdown or search and make changes to it's database entry (like stats, or description, image, etc)
(0%) Edit Items Tool: As with edit techniques but with items and equipment.
(0%) System Globals Tool: This is where you will set things like XP multipliers and other variables you will want to be able to change like registration on/off, etc.

Back End ~ Update Queue:
› (100%) Design UI: need to do UIs for both the front end portal of this that users interact with and the backend that the admins will see.
(0%) XP Database: This stores the XP info the parsers will use to check against to trigger a level up, it will also store level up info (stat increases etc)
› (100%) The Queue: A database will be needed for this, basic flow is user puts required info into front end UI, that gets written to a queue database. The back end UI will load all the individual rows from that queue database into it and allow an admin to trigger said update via click of a button which will send info to the queue parser(s) which will then update the character database and finally delete the item from the queue database. The meat of this system here can be used on several of our projects, including registration for chimera, adding RPGs to our network, etc. They will all mostly function the exact same way save the actual parsing.

1:28 am
July 19, 2017


posts 761

Design UI for the back end and the update queue are finished, as is the database and core functionality of the queue itself. I will be continuing work on the backend soon, though Chimera will be mostly on hold now until I get the site itself re-worked and the network built. That being said I will probably continue to mess with Chimera while I work on that as well, as many features might be shared.


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