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RPG Hosting


6:12 am
September 14, 2014

New Member

My site :D

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Hey there!
I currently have an RPG up and running, not seeing too much activity at the moment. I've popped in here and checked some of the RPGs hosted here and I really love the quality I see. The real hook for me was the Chimera engine, which I understand is only offered to some sites. I'm trying to run a stat system on my current forum, found here (http://minutechances.proboards.com/) but I'm afraid that the intricacy and amount of member involvement it requires is going to be too much for regular RP forum-goers to handle. If there is a system that can help me juggle stats, I NEED to check it out, right? XD
I'm not sure the capabilities Dystopia Pro can offer an RPG site like mine, but I had to at least make an acquisition. I understand you must approve of the site first, so check mine out and tell me if I'd be even in the running. It's an original board set in an AU Earth with a class system based around the Seven Virtues. Post-apocalyptic. Final Fantasy meets Fallout. And like I mentioned, with a stat system. I fear I'm going to have to throw out all my hard work and number crunching to meet the needs to flyby roleplayers, or at least dumb it down to the point of not even being relevant, and I don't want to do that.
Thanks :)

1:52 am
September 16, 2014


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We should talk in detail about it, if you have skype you can add me: dystopiapro
I'll preface everything by stating the Chimera Engine is still in development hence the lack of availability but it's something that will come along soon I hope. 

4:05 am
September 16, 2014

New Member

My site :D

posts 2

Okie dokie, you've been added. Ready whenever.

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