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The New Detailed To Do List.


5:15 pm
June 25, 2014


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Post edited 5:42 am – July 23, 2017 by dystopia

This is to be a more detailed list, as I expect some discussion about some of  items listed here to take place in this thread. Basicly kinda a thread to dicuss the development of new features on Dystopia Productions and find ways to bring other people into the fold. Feedback wanted!

Homepage Additions:
The homepage is going to need some more work. I've done some major overhauling on it over the last couple months but to expand our community more we need to add a few more things. Those things are…
›› User Information ~ Logged in users Avatar, post totals, stuff like that. It will probably go at the bottom of the page under the 6 RPGs.
›› Affiliates ~ We need to have a place for site wide affiliates so we can affiliate with big RPG communities and resource sites.
›› Information Leading to Hosting ~ Since I want to host more RPGs (6-10 at a time) I need some info saying that. Dunno where to put this, ideas?
(Done) ›› Link RPGs Better ~ Andrew pointed out I should link the headers to each RPG, going to do that.
(Done) ›› Topic Length ~ Need to add some code to shorten the topics name on the homepage. I have this code on the What's New pages already.

RPG Advertising Directory:
Seeing how things work in the RPG Community at large these days I have decided Dyspro needs to feature a directory where people can list their RPGs. We can build some community around that and the RPGs we host. I can base the code for this off the MSN Groups Directory but with a different design and way of displaying the information. We'll have to spend some time networking with RPGs to start but once the directory is out there for awhile people should start coming to us which in turn will bring activity to other areas of the site.

Regarding the Groups:
There are minor issues and things that can be worked on to better sell the MSN Groups style setup. I want to do some minor code revisions on the template just to fix some page fill stuff. There are probably some links that can be updates here and some other things.
›› What's New Page ~ This needs to be finished and setup for every group. Any ideas on what else could be added to it? 
(Done) ›› Forum Timezone ~ Lydeck pointed out that the forum timezone needs fixing, been putting this off, I'll figure it out.
(!) ›› Add Dice to Forum ~ Just a simple roller that shows outcome in the post. I know where to implement this in the code, just gotta write it up.
(Done) ›› Address RP Tools ~ There are a few special templates that need RP Tools link fixed.

The MSN Groups Directory:
I started on this project awhile back, just as a list of old MSN Groups and links to their web archive, as well as some brief information. Not to long ago I coded in some revisions to allow editing of entries, I need to finish the parsing script for this and get this better intergated to the site, it's our history we should put it out there. Would like to eventually have some people help fill it with more RPGs.
›› Parser Script ~ Write the php script to parse the updates when a entry is edited, and send data back to the browser without a refresh.
›› Address Adding ~ Need to add some better permissiona to the script that adds new entries.

The Members Database:
This is a big need, a database where we can see all members, profiles, avatars, etc. I have the technology from my Chimera Engine to do this in basically the same way and I'm going to. The question is what kind of info should we put, how far do we take it? This is in amn early conceptual stage, so feedback is a must.
›› Central Database ~ A place that lists all members, avatar, search options, and links to full pages.
›› User Profile ~ Need to design this, figure out what all to have.
›› Form/Addition Tools ~ Tools to edit/add yourself to the database. Adding should be done on registration, have to find this in the code.

The Dystopia Productions RPG Database:
This is where all our hosted RPGs are listed with some basic information. This page also has served as the central activity data page for awhile now, showing how many posts each RPG has. There are a few things that need updating here, also open to suggestions.
(Done) ›› Refine Template ~ fevian has suggested I refine the template for our projects a little. I will likely do this.
(Done) ›› Add in Weekly Activity ~ When I wrote this directory I didn't have a script to track weekly activity, since I have writen that I should add it here.
More to come!

RPG and Project Management:
With hosting being something I want to do more of I need to get a better grasp of managing this. For the time being there are some thing around the site I need to address regarding some of the projects, mostly past projects that are no longer under construction.
›› Star Wars Unity ~ Still so traces of this to be removed, RP Tools is one.
›› Kamehameha ~ Need to check in, get some updates, finish layout code as well.
›› Zoids: Frontier Horizon ~ I need to get this layout coded soon.
›› Untitled Art/Community ~ Need to get this underway.

Chimera Engine & Jupiter Jazz:
I've been gearing up work on Chimera the past couple weeks and I need to keep that going as there is still a good amount of areas that need to be finished and tested before the engine can be considered complete. Many of the remaining areas can be based of existing code for the engine just tweeked, or changed slightly to do different things.
›› Stat Point Distribution Dialog ~ There is one dialog + parser to finish for the profile.
›› Registration Script Code ~ Design on this is done, just need to write up the code that actually writes the tables/info to the database.
›› Travel Script Dialog + Code ~ Needs to be designed and added to universe page. Not complicated.
›› Admin Panel ~ The entire panel needs to be designed and implimented. The following areas are needed for this…
›››› Profile Editor ~ A full editor with selection tools to choose any member and edit any entry in their profile.
›››› Item, Equipment, Technique Tools ~ Editor to add new or edit existing entries in each of those areas databases.
›››› Engine ~ The most important thing left to do, code up the actual update/XP engine. XP tables will be stored in the engine central database along with other relevant information needed to perform profile updates. Settings will be needed to set words to XP/TP gains and tie into the update script to actually automatically perform updates. Engine must be able to access profile, access update info, parse both to gather new info, determine if levels are gained, and then update the central profile.
›››› Update Script ~ Frontend will allow users to input required update info (words, links, etc) and request an update.
›››Update Queue ~ Updates then queue here, an updater will review them to make sure there are no mistakes and then pass them to the engine to actually perform the update.
›› Ship Garage + Shops ~ Mirrors code used in profile, shops already finished but redesigned to be ships and addons. 

5:35 pm
June 25, 2014


Almost Heaven

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Post edited 9:40 pm – June 25, 2014 by lydeck

A couple ideas for some of the things on the list:

Where to put the hosting info! I say just add that as an item on the navigation bar at the very top. At most you could make it one of the images on the scrolling newsbar.

As far as listing RPG's better! I think this could be accomplished easily and great looking by putting a mini-splash in place of the plain RPG name that's currently there. So, for instance, where it says “Eternal Gaze: Posts from our Chrono Trigger RPG”, you could have an EG themed mini-splash that would be an attractive themed image with the RPG name, and by clicking on it you'd go directly to the homepage of the RPG.

What's new page! I think this is pretty great as it is. The only thing I would suggest changing is centering it on the page if that's possible. If I was forced to try to think of something else, it'd maybe be the ability to skin that, but I have no idea how hard that would be.

10:45 pm
June 25, 2014


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Yeah I think maybe just throwing up a banner in the rotation is the best way to go, that way sometimes I can put it first or move it back when we're launching RPGs and stuff. As for the listing, I think that might effect the overall look of the site, I think just linking in the text that is already there is probably the best way to do that no? I mean most will have banners in rotation as well.

Point taken on the alignment of the what's new page, I will fix that. I want to make the sizes dynamic like on MSN groups.

5:59 pm
April 6, 2017


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Going to overhaul this list soon and start keeping an activity log here in this thread as I work. This log will be wide reaching, including things in the archives.

First Update:

#1: Just scripted in the weekly activity update, it's all auto now. 
#2: Minor updates to the homepage that removed user post counts in place of posted on date for each post. 

8:37 pm
April 17, 2017


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Second Update:
Added RP Tool for Trigun: Project Seeds in our RP Tools section, laid groundwork for a roll log to be added at a later time.

11:53 pm
July 22, 2017


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Checking Time Zone fix

1:42 am
July 23, 2017


posts 761

Fixed the time zone problem, fixed issue with forum admin panel reading “access denied” to site admins besides myself. Special thanks to Cooler for helping me troubleshoot this issue while I tinkered with the code.


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