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Sengoku ~ OOC Thread


6:23 pm
July 12, 2017


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Okay, so just setting this up for the time being to lay out some things. First I'm setting up a group for us to eventually move the RP to, where we can house info about the world, our profiles, etc. It'll take me a few days to get everything organized there, get a layout coded, and all that stuff. Until then I will be dropping any info I'm working on for the RP here as well. 

Prologue, setting up the world we are inhabiting.

For thirty two years the clans have been in a struggle for the rule of Japan. Many battles have been fought and regions have switched hands time and time again over those long years, but finally things have begun to settle down. In the spring of the forthcoming year—timed with the blossoming of the sakura—Tokugawa Azai will assume the position of Shogun. Azai proved to be a powerful diplomat, currying favor with all three of the minor clans with promises of fortune to come, giving him the support needed to push against both the Uesugi and the Matsumae and grasp at the title he so coveted. With news of his anointment spreading through the mountains and valleys, the towns and the hamlets, peace seems like it might finally become reality—little do they all know, there will be no peace. Rumors of darkness—of the taint returning—have begun to spread through the fringes of Japanese society. In the backwoods hamlets people have begun to go missing, and strange sights have returned to the forests and mountains. The wheels of change are in motion, though what they bring is not the change that many had hoped for.

7:51 pm
August 23, 2017


posts 792

Okay so I think it's time we start diving into the world building on this and whatnot. Group has been setup for awhile, I coded up the layout today (had been putting that off to do other things) but it's ready to hold information so we just have to come together and write some. http://dystopiapro.com/sengoku

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