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2013-2014 NBA Season


4:05 pm
October 25, 2013


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The pre-season is nearly over, the season is about to begin. Will the Miami Heat perform the fabled three-peat (ALL HAIL PHIL JACKSON, MASTER OF ZEN) or will someone douse them? Will Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook come back strong from their injuries? Will Greg Oden last 3 games without injury? Will Dwight Howard ever learn the true meaning of Christmas? Discuss all things NBA 2013-2014 here!

First thing's first. Pre-season Finals poll. Who ya got? Barring key injuries, I have the Heat beating the Thunder in 6 games. Though the Rockets may have what it takes to win the West as well.

12:19 pm
October 26, 2013


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Derrek Rose appears to be fine, and considering the amount of time he allowed himself to heal I don't foresee any problems. Because of this, and the Miami Heat's struggle even with the Roseless Bulls I feel they should be able to beat Miami and have a solid shot at an NBA title this year, if they can stay healthy that is. Russell Westbrook worries me more, I think he should probably not rush back and doing what Rose did might be the best thing for a reakless player (as both of them are).

I'm hesitant to say this, but I think by playoff time Houston is going to be hard to beat in the west, I think they'll have some early struggles figuring out how it's going to work but they are big, they have speed, and they can all score which is going to be hard for teams like OKC to deal with (their big men can't score). Brooklyn is an interesting case too, if that team can gel they will be hard to beat experience wise.

1:45 pm
October 26, 2013


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Yeah, I watched the Bulls' preseason game against OKC a couple days ago and he already looks so smooth and confident leading the charge. However, I don't see them beating the Heat in the East, despite the quality of their defense. I mean, Jimmy Butler is better than I ever thought he'd be and Deng puts up solid numbers on a consistent basis, but I just don't see it happening. As for Westbrook, D-Rose apparently has been telling him to take his time on coming back. I agree. 2-3 more weeks isn't going to hurt the team that much.

But yeah, the Rockets are going to be legit this year. They're the closest thing I have to “a team” and I love Harden, so it's awesome to seem them back on top. However, I'm not a Dwight Howard fan. Still, his presence will be huge for them down low. Not to mention Terrence Jones seemed to be coming out of his shell even more during the preseason. I hope he starts the first couple of games. I think he's deserved it and that he'll do big things if he can be consistent (that was his problem at UK).


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