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Production Gearing Up

 I have been working on this site off and on for awhile now, haven’t posted an update in awhile and I feel it’s time. The profile portion of the Chimera Engine which will power Jupiter Jazz is nearly done, only one major dialog left to do which I will begin work on soon. I’ve also finished the coding for the item shop and have a base for the code for traveling. I need to look into what forum software will be used and get that setup as I want there to be a place for people to chat about the project as I build it. It’s still a ways away, but I’m really hoping to have Jupiter Jazz 100% done, including every aspect of the Engine, and opened by the end of the year.

 ›› ( posted by: dystopia ) - ( posted on: 06.23.2014 )
Engine and Content Work Continue.

Yes there is life here on Jupiter Jazz, if you were wondering. The work on the Chimera Engine is continuing and while the profile is mostly finished there are other automated areas of the site that still need focus (registration, techniques, shops, travel, garage, admin area, etc). Many of these are in development now and should continue to roll out at a decent pace. Along with the engine work I’ve started writing some of the actual content as well, starting with the back story and locations main pages. Each of these sections will have some sub-section content but that will be addressed soon as I’m also starting work on laying out the items and guidelines areas so keep an eye out for new content.

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Introducing the Nomenclature.

With work here starting to ramp up today I decided to update the navigation to reflect the style and scope of Jupiter Jazz. The idea coming from the way the writers of Cowboy Bebop named their episodes. This theme will persist though out the site, not just be limited to the navigation and sub-pages, it’s key to setting the atmosphere and mood. In related news with the page order set I will soon begin writing actual content, before this can start I need to hit up the code though and get the CSS in place so that content writing goes much smoother than it would on a MSN Group. Hopefully the next update will point to some real content! (and perhaps a sneak peek of the Chimera Engine running the profile system here on site?) We’ll see…

 ›› ( posted by: dystopia ) - ( posted on: 11.04.2012 )
Beginning Work on Profile Engine.

With the site framework pretty much in place now I’m starting the physical work on the profile engine, which is one of the main components of the Chimera Engine. I have a pretty solid grasp on the actual combat system here, It will be very similar to the system used on Trigun Project Seeds (if not exactly the same, with a few adjustments made to the techniques area). In terms of physical and ranged combat though it will be the same system, which has been heavily play tested and is very balanced and doesn’t need any tweaking. With that knowledge I can put a profile page together pretty quick hopefully and get the dialogs and editing commands dialed in as well. I’ll keep you updated.

 ›› ( posted by: dystopia ) - ( posted on: 10.31.2012 )
Physical Site Work Underway

So yes, I’m a little behind schedule with this project, anyone who has come to learn about Jupiter Jazz has probably written off as something I’ve announced but never intend to finish, and that is not the case. Over the last two months since I announced that I would be working on Jupiter Jazz I have been working pretty steady at getting the framework for this site ready, mostly tinkering with the early alpha build of the Chimera Engine as well as coming to understand the way the combat system will work here on Jupiter Jazz. I finally feel that I am at a point to start some physical work on the site, first the theme which I’ve decided to go basic with so as to not waste anymore time. I will be posting regular updates so keep checking back, I’ll have the forums back up as soon as they are skinned so for now, silence.

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