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Chrono Trigger: Eternal Gaze
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Welcome to the land of Guardia, the year 1010 A.D. A decade of peace has followed the events that unfolded in Chrono Trigger, with Lavos destroyed and the future timeline clear of danger, or so everyone thought. A new danger lurks in the distant future, only surfacing as a threat when Lavos had been defeated in the year 1999 A.D. saving the future from apocalypse. The ripples and echoes of time are beginning to shift the past, ushering a series of events that will thrust a new group of adventurers on a quest through time itself to once again bring safety to the future of Guardia. Will you assume the role of hero and help save the world? Or do you seek to aide this calamity and bring everything down in flames? Only time will tell...

FF7 Fortress (v14)
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FF7 Fortress originally opened on MSN Groups in March 2003 it quickly grew into the most widely known Final Fantasy RPG around, which it remained for many years to come. Though this version is much different from the original, featuring content from the final remake released in 2007, it remains true to the spirit. It should be noted especially that FF7 Fortress is not 'Open to the Public' in the sense that anyone can join and play through the originally designed elements. This version is a DM'd experience, however if you are truly interested in joining please let us know, we may have a spot for you!

FFviii Annihilation
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With the fall of the Sorceress Ultimecia the world once again has freed itself from the near clutches of ultimate destruction. In the wake of her defeat the grand nation of Esthar has opened itself up to the west, forging a diplomatic bond with the free nations through SeeD. Through this multi-nation alliance the promise of freedom and democracy was issued to the citizens of Galbadia. A council of the whose who of Galbadia was formed to begin the reconstruction, officially handing the task to the former general Stanton Brose. Though Brose had been a powerful figure in President Deling’s political round table, he appeared to be up to the task of returning Galbadia to the people. Two years have passed since the shift began and it has become clear that Brose’s influence over the Galbadian military has destroyed all hope that Galbadia would cease it’s never ending desire to conquer the world.

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The Daimyo of Japan have been in a constant state of war for the past twenty four years. The alliances of the six noble families have twisted and shifted through these years but now on the verge of the twenty fifth year of conflict one family has begun to rise above the others–The Tokugawa. Lead by the great Samurai Tokugawa Azai the tides of battle have turned for their favor as have the spoils of political conquests, clearing a path for the great warrior to soon claim the title of Shogun. However, everything is not as simple as it seems, other forces have begun to gain power once again, dark forces that were sealed away centuries before. Tales from the remote villages and towns have begun to make their way to the cities, stories of Oni and other Yokai returning and causing mischief in the rural lands that have not been heard in modern times.

Trigun Project Seeds
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Based on the popular anime and manga, Trigun Project Seeds is one of my oldest RPG concepts. Originally the site was developed by myself and Serno in 2003 but spawned several returns after that initial release. While this isn't that original version, it is the definitive version. This version of the site originally launched in 2006 and later returned as a private RP in 2007 when it went for it's longest and most successful run. Unlike many of my other archival projects TPS will be receiving a fully customized theme instead of just being placed into the groups container, along with this it will also serve as a test build of the Chimera Engine. A final note, TPS will eventually even have it's original RP posts restored as part of this archive as the single RP spanned 1700 posts and roughly 7 months of amazing action.

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