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Sengoku ~ OOC Thread
Okay so I think it's time we start diving into the world building on this and whatnot. Group has been setup for awhile, I coded up the layout today (had been putting that off to do other things) b ...
dystopia ~ (2017-08-23)
Sengoku ~ Chapter 1
  A cool breeze danced through the forest carrying only silence on it's back. The ronin was motionless, his long odachi held out in front of him, unwavering, still. He did not mo ...
dystopia ~ (2017-08-22)
Sengoku ~ Chapter 1
  Sengoku ~ Chapter 1      Riku followed in the bushes behind Nakatomo, wanting to give the archer a clear shot. And also avoiding a point blank arrow. Eyeing t ...
ShogoMaki ~ (2017-08-16)
Sengoku ~ Chapter 1
Shijou Nakatomo ———      Nakatomo stepped lightly, gently crushing the leaves and twigs beneath his feet, keeping the sounds from echoing throughout the ...
cooler ~ (2017-08-14)
Sengoku ~ Chapter 1
  With both of his accomplices having moved into the brush that grew out from the edge of the path Zakuro took a deep breath, calming himself, and then started forward once again. Th ...
dystopia ~ (2017-08-13)
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