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Final Fantasy VII: Remake
The first disc was probably more than half the game overall, it's just that you had all the extra mini-games and more FMVs and stuff that had to be included on disc 2 and 3. There was a lot of tal ...
dystopia ~ (2020-04-19)
Final Fantasy VII: Remake
Also trying not to spoil it for myself, but not playing the game nearly fast enough to beat it anytime soon. I only just got to chapter 9, and I am beginning to remember just how much there actually w ...
void ~ (2020-04-19)
Final Fantasy VII: Remake
I've heard the ending is something, I'm staying away from spoilers myself right now though, I'm getting closer to the end of the game (on chapter 14 now doing side quests before moving on ...
dystopia ~ (2020-04-18)
Final Fantasy VII: Remake
I've been taking my time with it, on Chapter 10 myself. It's been absolutely incredible so far and I had zero faith in Square to pull it off after how much I disliked the last two entries iint ...
lydeck ~ (2020-04-18)
Final Fantasy VII: Remake
Oh man, so looking forward to hunting that oversized snake again. Good times.     And awesome! Hopefully some people get back to you! I'll start putting together a bio form, probabl ...
void ~ (2020-04-13)
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