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Next Gen gaming
After playing around with a few mods, in-game and video output settings, the results are there:    ...
fictive ~ (2019-08-01)
Next Gen gaming
Decent is a largely underwhelming word for the price tag. But really and truly, it should last me not just for gaming but productivity for years. I mean considering I was using 5-6 year old PC way bac ...
fictive ~ (2019-07-18)
Next Gen gaming
You probably put a decent amount of cash into that, the thing I can never get behind with PC gaming is how much it really costs to stay at the forefront of max settings, etc. Sure you probably only ha ...
dystopia ~ (2019-07-15)
Next Gen gaming
Well, after moving my whoile setup to its new chassis, bunch of installing and modding, and all that… finsally got this running:     Gonna still mess with the settings. I lo ...
fictive ~ (2019-07-04)
Next Gen gaming
A Modded PSP is great, don't get me wrong, I still regularly use my PSP as a handheld emulator machine, but the PS3 is definitely the next step up and the scene for the PS3 put out some really exc ...
dystopia ~ (2019-06-23)
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