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Chrono Break (Ideally)
I doubt Square will ever out source a main FF game, but if they did I'm with you, Level-5 is where it's at. I've been on their band wagon since the PS2 era and I still pretty much love eve ...
dystopia ~ (2019-01-30)
Chrono Break (Ideally)
Well I would personally want just a few guys at most to pitch in for the FF inspired side, otherwise I’d have expectations for Level 5 to be in charge of this. Or whoever the team is behind Ni n ...
fictive ~ (2019-01-30)
Chrono Break (Ideally)
FFII is a lot like FFVIII in the way if you know what you're doing you can completely break that game really early on and become super powered. The PSP version is the way to go, pretty sure it use ...
dystopia ~ (2019-01-28)
Chrono Break (Ideally)
I haven’t checked out the PSO version of FF2, but I know I did enjoy the DoS version. One thing I like about both II and VIII is they did leveling differently than almost every other game. FF2 w ...
fictive ~ (2019-01-28)
Final Fantasy XV
I actually 100% Octopath last year. It's a mixed bag. The game looks and plays amazing, combat is stellar and the visual effects they use definitely capture the SNES style they were going for in a ...
dystopia ~ (2019-01-28)
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