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++ Chapter 2: The Changing Wind


8:36 pm
November 27, 2020


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  His full width of breath returning to him, Zakuro felt himself calming, sure that only one attacker lay out in the mori. Looking back across the gap he watched Riku work his magic and then, with quite the swift foot of his own, depart the back and head through the cover of trees and bushes towards the source of the arrow.
  ” Ingenious. ” muttered to himself in wonder as he took a quick peek from the saftey of the cover of the trunk, sensing he would have a moment to do so thanks to Riku's movements. His eyes focused quick and he guessed it to be fifty meters away where he saw the scar Riku's magic had left on a fallen tree that would be about chest high, perfect cover for an archer.

Gathering himself Zakuro and without hesitation Zakuro peeled off the massive trunk, exiting cover on the far side of the bank and moving quickly in an arc around a grove of decent sized trees. He heard the sound of an arrow embedding itself into something nearby and knew now it would be up to Riku to subdue the man, as he had decided to favor Zakuro with his arrows.

11:26 am
November 30, 2020


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Sengoku ~ Chapter 2  

As Riku caught his breath from behind the tree, he waited to hear the sound of an arrow pierce the tree he hid behind. When he heard it come from far away, he knew that the archer had continued to focus on Zakuro. Without delay, Riku spun off the tree and ran towards where he had hit the tree with his wind, thinking the archer wouldn't have much time to move and get a shot off at Zakuro with all the tree around as obstacles. Riku grinned as he noticed the glint of metal coming from the tip of an arrow ready to be let loose by the archer. With a swift prayer, Riku conjured three wind dart in a line several feet apart from each other. The darts spun with the two on the outer edges breaking wide before converging with the center dart all aimed at the archer. Riku followed fast behind, his earlier pain drowned out by the paste and adrenaline.



10:12 am
December 3, 2020


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  The heavy sound of Zakuro's feet during his fully gaited sprint bellowed in his own ears as he arced around the dense bamboo grove. The wind around him had shifted and he knew that Riku was on the offensive now, he would have to circle around quickly in case the archer proved adept in hand to hand combat as well. Ahead of him, the shadows parted as the towering bamboo shoots began to lesson, he knew the archer would be on the other side. Bursting past the edge of the grove Zakuro drew his blade with lightning speed as he entered a small clearing that spread out in the wake of the fallen oak which the archer was using for cover. He watched as Riku's magic struck the lone man, tumbling him backwards to the ground, his bow falling from his hands and the remaining arrows in his small quiver scattering as he fell.
  ” Don't move you cur! ” Zakuro shouted as his blade caught the sunlight with a dazzling gleam from it's wavy hamon. Zakuro let his eyes jump up to Riku, making sure he was sound before darting quickly back to the fallen man who laid prone, his hands out ahead of him defensively.
  ” Please don't, I'm sorry, please! ” The man begged as he kicked dirt trying to push himself back.  I… just thought you were a deer. I sw..swear! ” He was stuttering, his voice fearful as he looked up at both Zakuro on Riku.


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