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Author Topic: Xeniilyn
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Post Xeniilyn
on: February 18, 2014, 15:05


Name: Xeniilyn Fordyse

Age: 26

Species: Falleen

Alias: Darth Xaraaradda or shortened to Darth Xara (means 'Passion' in Falleen)

Ht: 4'10”

Wt: 95 lbs

Home World: Falleen

Rank: Sith Master




Xeniilyn is seen as possibly the furthest thing from the epitome of evil but she has a secret. She wears the mask of a meek innocent, and many people tend to believe it. Few know her secret as the manipulator she truly is. The face she presents is very likable, her incandescent smile melts even the hardest of hearts, and her pheromones certainly help her cause. People enjoy making her happy and she uses that to the fullest, a opportunist in the nicest sense.



Born on Falleen to the House Fordyse, Xenii survived a planet-wide plague many believed manufactured. To escape much of the devastating effects the Falleen took refuge on any planet that would take them. The Jedi were of the few willing to do so, at a young age her Force-Sensitivity was discovered and she joined the Jedi. She quickly rose to the ranks of Jedi Knight, possibly faster than many believed she should have. Xenii was rather popular around the Temple, she distracted many potential suitors, both male and female alike. In spite of her loveable personality, there were those within the Order that believed she should not have been in the position she was in. Her success bred jealousy and jealousy spread throughout the Order like a sickness.


She saw the ugliness in the Jedi Temple. Not even they could hold back their basic need to breed. She learned the horrors of her gift when her own Master unexpectedly forced himself upon her. She drifted about the Temple a broken being. Robbed of her innocence, Xenii then convinced a Jedi Knight, who was madly in love with her, to kill her Master in cold-blood. She watched as the lights left her Master's eyes and yet still felt empty inside. The Jedi Knight claimed all responsibility for the murder and the truth was revealed to the Jedi Council about what happened to Xenii. At her own request the facts regarding the murder, were kept within the walls of the council. She then left the Jedi Order, hating them for what had happened to her.


She bounced around from job to job, trying to “find herself.” Eventually, Dar Burdon, a wealthy Anomid business man found her and promised to “save her”. He did. Dar Burdon, secretly a Sith Master gave her the strength she needed to continue. Dar Burdon had built up a corporate empire, the front for his Sith Empire below. He was often times at odds with government regulations and yet constantly within the inner-workings of the government itself. He taught Xenii everything he knew on business and the Force and just like everyone else he fell for Xeniilyn. Giving into his passion he lowered his guard and loved a woman that could feel no love. Xeniilyn took his life as he slept.


She inherited the title of Sith Master and the Empire it came with it, with her dubious dealings. She gained the influence on her Sith Lords, known publicly as the Board of Trustees. They were served as one unit with Xenii as their queen. The Queen of the Sith.


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