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Author Topic: Box Test
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Post Box Test
on: July 27, 2014, 20:51
  Chapter I ~ The Call of Destiny  
  The battle had begun, the gigantic animated skeleton towering over Jonas and the others. He gazed up as Zombor lurched forward slowly his eyes scanning the girth of the creature, his mind racing to put together a plan of action. Unsurprised he was drawn back as Soren spoke and before he could comment began to execute the attack. Jonas nodded, moving into position before bursting towards the creature narrowly passing Soren as their blades struck the colossus' upper body, the hardness of the bone sending vibrations down his blade.
   ” Damn this thing is big, how are we suppose to fight it!? ” Jonas rambled off as he turned to face the creature again, his hands both grasping the hilt of his iron blade.
Knowing that they only way they would survive this battle was to use their speed to attack as much as possible and at all costs avoid the skeleton's own attacks. Moving swiftly he crossed the colossus, moving just feet from it's legs as he moved to the right. He spotted Peter's attack on the creature's right arm and understood. Twisting as he leaped up, kicking off the creatures massive thigh bone to gain more height before slashing across the same arm.
OOC Talk:
HP: 118/118 ~ MP: 32/32
Used Slash (2 MP) on Zombor's right arm. 46 dmg
Words: 314- ~ Total Words: 2082
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