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a d v e n t u r e  e x p l a i n e d
adventuring is the ability to group up with fellow members and role-play through a manager controlled, or more quest like adventure, and taking part in an adventure is one of the most fun things you can do on any rpg. this is the adventure mainpage for tps, here the staff will list all the currently active group events, as well as detail and list all the active quests at the moment. as a character you will be able to expect new quests on a weekly basis, but make sure that you complete quests soon after they have been added or else they may be removed and you will lose the ability to take part in the quest.

s i t e  w i d e  a d v e n t u r e s
from time to time the staff of trigun project seeds will create events that are meant for all of the members to role-play in. the adventures are smaller and less involved then the sites main storyline, but run in the same manor, with a manager posting and directing the story of the role-play. site adventures usually reward great prizes and rewards for completion as well as bonus experience points for those who take part in the adventures, so make sure to check the adventure page often for these events.

b a d  t o  t h e  b o n e . . . !
a large sand steamer has recently departed from the small town of little july. the steamer, which is currently headed toward little jersey is occupied by a diverse group of people that include the crew, public and private passengers alike, and, unbeknownst to everyone but a select few riders, the infamous bad lad gang led by a large man who works under the alias brilliant dynamites neon. most of the vehicle’s occupants believe that the ride will be safe, but neon and his group of cronies want nothing … ( see link for more information )
›› ( location: little jersey ) – ( rewards: see thread ) - ( thread: link )

h o w  t o  d o  q u e s t s
quests are member controlled adventures that will be posted on a weekly basis for members to do in order to receive rare or valuable rewards. questing is a very simple process and just requires you to create a story based on a short adventure idea that will be listed below. doing these quests will reward your characters as long as you complete the listed quest requirements. questing can be done alone, or with a group of people; group questing does have requirement reductions, for more on this visit the guidelines page.

p r o b l e m  c h i l d
in a massive city the size of augusta there are bound to be an assortment of things that cam be troublesome, and one of the more comical of these are the no good children that populate the city and make it their sworn duty to drive all visitors crazy by playing practical joke or just outright taunting new comers to the city. when confronted the little brats tend to run away and tell their fathers, or worse.. mothers, if you can manage to catch the trouble makers at their game, you will be rewarded with 5 TP!
›› ( location: augusta ) – ( rewards: 5 tech points ) – ( requirements: 1000 words, 5 posts )
a m m u n i t i o n
ammunition is vital in combat, running out is just not an option, but ammunition is not always cheap and for some can be very hard to come by. felnarl town is holding a small annual sharp shooting tournament, and the winner of the tournament is going to be rewarded with 200$$ and two boxes of free ammunition. the tourmament is a big event in the town and draws a lot of tourists to see the best gunfighters in the world take part in the competition to see who is the best of the best (ammo reward of your choosing)
›› ( location: felnarl town ) – ( rewards: 200$$, 48 ammo ) – ( requirements: 1200 words, 6 posts )
b u s h i d o  b l a d e
gunslinging is the only type of popular combat on the planet gunsmoke, knife fights, and sword fighting have become very popular ways to settle problems for those who might not be able to afford a good firearm and the ammunition needed for the fight. coming about a well crafted sword is not always easy, however for those willing to put in the time, a local blacksmith in may city has reported a shipment of katana stolen, or possibly lost and ready for the takin’.
›› ( location: may city ) – ( rewards: katana ) – ( requirements: 800 words, 4 posts )
p r o t e c t  y o u r s e l f
violence is reampent throughout the planet gunsmoke and you can never be to careful about protection, because of this body armor has become a very important part of any gunslingers possessions. rumors across gunsmoke are saying there is a hostage situation at a saloon in lewiston town. those willing to go into the saloon and try to help solve the problem will be given steel plate body armor to wear during the ordeal, and if they defuse the situation they may be able to keep it as a reward.
›› ( location: lewiston town ) – ( rewards: steel plate ) – ( requirements: 750 words, 4 posts )

q u e s t  u p d a t e s  e x p l a i n e d
once you have completed the requirements listed with each quest you will want to get that quest updated so that you receive the rewards. before posting your update on a managers update board, please make sure you have completed the full requirements, and posted somewhere in the thread, or on the update, the quest that you are doing, as well as the prizes and rewards for that quest, and of course a link to your characters bio page. if all is done correctly your update will be finished in no time.

s i t e  n a v i g a t i o n