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c h a r a c t e r  a t t r i b u t e s
as with any basic rpg, your characters have stats which determine their abilities while role-playing on trigun project seeds. these stats or attributes, determine how strong, or fast your character is, as well as other character traits. understanding your characters attributes is a great way in bettering your skills, and if you wish to battle it would be wise to know what each attribute is used for and how it can benefit or even harm your characters overall growth.

h i t  p o i n t s  e x p l a i n e d
hit points are your character’s life force; the more your character has the longer that character can stay alive in combat. as your character levels up his or her hit points will increase making your character stronger. while in combat if your characters hit points reach zero that character is knocked out, if they reach negative 10, then your character is dead.

s t r e n g t h  e x p l a i n e d
strength is a very basic stat that determines just how physically strong your character is, how much your character can lift, and things like how hard your character can hit or kick. in combat, strength is used to determine how much damage your character does when using a physical attack like for example, a punch or kick, or use of a melee weapon.
›› ( damage formula: strength + weapon modifier = total attack )
d e x t e r i t y  e x p l a i n e d
dexterity is your characters attribute that measures things like agility, reflexes, and most importantly for trigun project seeds, ranged attacks. your characters aim and accuracy is based on his or her dexterity attribute, the higher the stat the more likely your character is to aim and shoot an opponent while in combat.
›› ( dexterity formulas: for every 10 dex points your d20 shot chances increase by 2. )
i n t e l l i g e n c e  e x p l a i n e d
intelligence in a nutshell is how well your character learns, and is the score which represents how smart your character is. this attribute is mainly used with things like techniques and how fast a character can learn new techniques, or master ones that they have already taken the time to learn. a very underrated stat that if progressed wisely could create a dangerous character.
›› ( intelligence explained: for mental techniques only, formulas will vary )
v i t a l i t y  e x p l a i n e d
your characters vitality is their defense score; how strong their body is and how resistant said body is to attacks. having high vitality will mean your character will take less damage from both physical and ranged attacks, meaning that character will have a better chance of surviving both physical and ranged combat.
›› ( defense formula: vitality – total attack = damage dealt )


s i t e  n a v i g a t i o n