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b o d y  a r m o r
in a world filled with gun combat a good supply of body armor is something that any bounty hunter, or wanted man/woman needs. the technology to create body armor was brought from earth with the project SEEDS fleet and since their crash on the planet gunsmoke has floirished as much as the production of fire-arms.

s t e e l  p l a t e
this is a very basic item, and one that isn’t very effective, but can help protect from a gunshot wound to the vitals/chest region of the body. standard breast plate worn under clothing, heavy.
›› ( effects ) :: defense + 2, vitals decreased by 2%, torso + 2%. ›› ( costs: 150$$ )
k e v l a r  v e s t
kevlar is a strong bullet resistant para-aramid that when layered right can stop small bullets* from entering the body, this vest covers just the torso and renders vital and torso shots almost harmless. (knives WILL cut kevlar)
›› ( effects ) :: torso & vital hits do 1/2 damage, and NO bullet enters the players body. ›› ( costs: 500$$ )
n o m e x  v e s t
nomex is a strong knife and fire resistant material that is usually layered over kevlar vests to protect against stab and burn wounds. nomex is not bullet proof.
›› ( effects ) :: sword/knife/fire attacks rendered useless. ›› ( costs: 350$$ )
k e v l a r / n o m e x  l a y e r e d  v e s t
this is a kevlar and nomex layered vest which serves as both bulletproof as well as stab and fire resistant, making for a very good defense for the torso of the body. (no slugs enter torso/vitals)
›› ( effects ) :: half damage from bullets, knife and fire resistant (no damage to torso) ›› ( costs: 700$$ )
s p e c t r a  v e s t
spectra is a special laminated para-aramid that is produces to stop larger caliber shells from penetrating a persons body, must stronger then kevlar this will protect the torso and vitals from all caliber weapons.
›› ( effects ) :: all shots to torso/vitals do half damage, and no slugs enter the players body. ›› ( costs: 1000$$ )
s p e c t r a / n o m e x  v e s t
this is a great defense for the torso and vitals against all caliber bullets as well as stab and knife wounds. when worn blade based, and fire based attacks cannot harm the torso. (no slugs enter the players body)
›› ( effects ) :: all shots to torso/vitals do half damage, knife fire proof. ›› ( costs: 1500$$ )
s t e e l  h e l m e t
the only real defense against head shots (although they can only protect so much) a steel helmet can deflect some shots to the head if lucky.
›› ( effects ) :: head shot reduced to by 1%, torso increased by 1%. ›› ( costs: 200$$ )
k e v l a r  p a d s
the small pads only work against low caliber bullets but can provide some protection from bullets to the thighs, calves, and shoulders, stopping bullets from entering the body in these places.
›› ( effects ) :: 50% of below waist/arm shots take half damage, and don’t allow slugs to enter body. ›› ( costs: 250$$ )

n o t e s *
small caliber bullets: basic kevlar has its limit on what ammunition it can stop, and mainly deals in just small caliber handgun ammunition. the ammunition that a basic kevlar vest can stop consists of any hand gun ammuntion that has a smaller caliber then .40mm.


s i t e  n a v i g a t i o n