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t r i g u n  p r o j e c t  s e e d s
the chronicle is the main storyline of trigun project seeds. this story will be created by the staff of the site for the members to role-play through, affecting it as they go. the storyline will evolve as it progresses and its final outcome is up to the members who take part in the chronicle. this page will be used to detail the events that have taken place in the chronicle up to the current point, as well as a section to hold chronicle based items, weapons, and characters.

p r o l o g u e ›› ( the fifth moon incident )
having lost all memory of the events that took place in july city, only remembering awaking in the wreckage and knowing that he had been responsible for the deaths of all the people who called that place home, vash began to wander the planet gunsmoke, stricken with guilt. after six years of wandering vash encountered legato bluesummers, one of the gung-ho guns who had be trained and employed by knives to torture vash. legato informed vash that he would be visited by 13 gung-ho guns who would make his life hell. vash would encounter a small number of the group of assassins as he continued to travel, now seeking his brother. knives, who had been critically injured by vash during the july incident had been synchronized within a plant reactor in jenora rock for six years, had finally healed just as his brother arrived in the town. vash confronted knives, who used his knowledge of the plant to activate vash’s angel arm once again. vash managed to divert the massive blast upward, blasting a massive crater in gunsmokes fifth moon. when vash awoke, knives and all of the gung-ho guns were gone, but vash could clearly recall the events that had occurred the night before. vash, now fearful of the true power that he welded, went into hiding, hoping to never endanger the lives of innocent people again.

c h a p t e r  o n e ›› ( search for the devil )
vash the stampede has been in hiding for over a year, doing his best to deal with the guilt that has followed him since the july city and fifth moon incidents, while knives is almost ready to begin his ultimate plan, the complete destruction of all human life on the planet gunsmoke. before knives can begin his ounslaught on the human race he must first locate vash, who was able to dissapear after the fifth moon incident, and has found himself living in a small village under the new name eriks, but it seems trouble will always find the huminoid typhoon, no matter how hard he trys to avoid it. ( chapter one thread ) :: ( chaper one ooc )

c h a p t e r  t w o ›› ( deception )
legato has finally located the where abouts of vash the stampede, and in a showing of faith slaughtered the entire population of lewiston town, promising that the games would soon begin again. having defeated the first of the gung-ho guns vash and crew have arrived in inepril city, where strange events have been reported concerning citizens going missing for days at a time only to return days later with no memories of the events that caused them to go missing. the sheriff and deputies of the city have been able to find no leads on the events and are looking for help from citizens to solve the mystery. ( chapter two thread ) :: ( chaper two ooc )

c h a p t e r  t h r e e ›› ( between wasteland and sky )
ten days have passed since the events in inepril city, involving the escaped nebraska family and the second member of the gung-ho guns, leonof the puppetmaster. vash and the others have been rewarded and honored for their services to the town and placed in a suite at the inepril city inn awaiting the arrival of the next orcha class sand steamer which will take the group to may city, the capital andlargest city of the planet gunsmoke. little do they know, that a sinister force who has been well acquanted with the humaniod typhoon has long since planned to board the same sand steamer for his own devilish reasons. ( chapter three thread ) :: ( chaper three ooc )

c h a p t e r  f o u r ›› ( murder machine )
the eyes of legato bluesummers devishly watch the movement of vash the stampede and his closet friends and the travel through the wastelands of gunsmoke on their way to may city where a sinister force and the long time nemesis of vash the stampede waits for his brother to finally arrive, only holding off on a lifetime worth of plans and ambition to wipe the human race from the planet gunsmoke, so that his brother can be there to witness the chaos and be completely powerless to stop it.  ( chapter four thread ) :: ( chaper four ooc )

c h a p t e r  f i v e ›› ( the long voyage home )
night has become day as the party voyaged across the wastelands between the ruins of may city and vash’s home, the remains of the last functional SEEDS ship, the very ship where he and knives were born. the winds of gunsmoke blew the protective fogs that surrounded the ship away revealing terrifying sight on arrival, the ARK knives had used to escape may after its destruction seemingly docked to the ship. knives’ motives were clear, he would do whatever it took to turn vash to his side while continuing his plans to destroy the remains of the human race all together.  ( chapter five thread ) :: ( chaper five ooc )

s i t e  n a v i g a t i o n
a c t i v e  c h r o n i c l e  v i l l i a n s
below you will find short introductions to all of the active chronicle villians with links to full page bios which will be completely revealed as the chronicle progresses.
m i l l i o n s  k n i v e s
twin brother of vash, but completely different views on the human race. he loves his brother dearly, but believes him to be misguided. it was
him alone that caused project SEEDS ships to crash down upon the planet gunsmoke. ( full bio )

l e g a t o  b l u e s u m m e r s
legato is one of knives servants. along with
the gung-ho guns, his main goal in life is to make vash suffer eternally. legato has the
ability to psychically control people, with the use of special metallic wires conneted to his brain. ( full bio )

r a z l o  t h e  t r i - p u n i s h e r
razlo is the physical manifestation of the rage within livio's soul. his origin has been traced back to the days before livio's arrival at the
orphanage. as a young boy livio was beaten and abused and created razlo to take all of the pain. ( full bio )