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c u s t o m  w e a p o n s / i t e m s
this is the page for listing the custom weapons and items that have been made here on trigun project seeds, members cannot buy these weapons from the shop unless they are the one that had them made.

m a c h i n e  g u n  a r m  a t t a c h m e n t
›› ( caliber: 5.56x45mm ) :: ( holds: 36 cartrages )
the machine gun arm attachment is a unqiuely crafted peice of equipment created for the sole purpose of surprise attacks. While from an opponents perspective it appears as though it is nothing but an ordinary arm, with a swift motion it becomes a deadly weapon. with its large chamber holding 36, 5.56x45mm caliber bullets, its a force to reckon with.
›› ( cost: 1000$$ ) :: ( avaliablity: n/a ) :: ( firing speed: 4 per action. )

f l o r a s  t u n i c
the floras tunic is a once of a kind, hand–crafted red armored suit created with the use of lost technology. its patented design allows for swift menuvarability and constant support of most of the body.
›› ( effects ) :: all shots to torso, vitals or below waist do half damage, and no slugs enter the players body. ›› ( costs: 1500$$ )

g u a n g  q i a n g
caliber: .50 ) :: ( holds: 16 cartridges w/magazine )
a state of the art handgun crafted and engineered by kang himself, this weapon was designed with both style and practicality in mind. aesthetically, it draws from the steampunk tradition, and is a diffusion of victorian, futurist, and punk motifs, while mechanically, it draws from nothing but pure, unadulterated power and carnage – the only things a gun’s design should be drawn from.
›› ( cost: $840 ) :: ( avaliablity: one ) :: ( firing speed: 5 )

t h e  p u n i s h e r
›› ( caliber: 5.56x45mm ) :: ( holds: 60 cartrages )
very similar the the w-soule, the punisher is a large cross shaped weapon which transforms into an assault rifle, as well as a fully functioning grenade launcher (holds 4 grenades). the weapon also has holding places within its body for up to eight grader style semi-automatic handguns.
›› ( cost: 1000$$ ) :: ( avaliablity: n/a ) :: ( firing speed: 5 per action. )

r a i – d e i  k a t a n a
›› ( caliber: 5.56x45mm ) :: ( holds: 6 cartrages )
rai-dei the blades special +8 katana, similar is style and size as a normal katana but holding a secret weapon, a fully funtioning rifle in the hilt which can hold 6 rounds of 5.56x45mm ammo. the rifle can only be fired when the sword has been thrusted into an enemy.
›› ( cost: 1200$$ ) :: ( avaliablity: one ) :: ( firing speed: 1 per action. )

d e m o n i c  s k a t e s
›› ( caliber: — ) :: ( holds: — )
a speically crafted pair of shoes which have a high tech set of skates built in allowing the wearer, if he is proficient with the skates, the ability to move at extreme speed and dodge, or preform swift attacks.
›› ( cost: 600$$ ) :: ( avaliablity: one ) :: ( firing speed: —. )

j a c k e l
caliber: .40 s&w ) :: ( holds: 12 cartridges w/magazine )
A gun that was crafted for taking out armored and powerful enemies. If has a 39 cm barrel and weighs 16 kgs. It is very heavy for most humans, but thanks to that fact that Alucard is not human and has been around for over 100 years he has become use to the weight and size.
›› ( cost: $$595 ) :: ( avaliablity: one ) :: ( firing speed: 4 )

m i s t  p e l l e t s
Special pellets that release a dense smoke that looks like mist. These pellets are very small so they can be popped off by Alucard and appear as if he was creating the mist himself. These can add to his intimidation ability (if the intellegnce of his foe is below 5) by making them more susceptible to it, as well as lowering the accuracy of shooting through it because of the blinding factor. The mist from one of the pellets can fill a normal size room and moves very slowly. Will dissipate in 3 rounds inside, 1 round outside.
›› ( effects ) :: adds to intimidation as well as lowering accuracy for guns fired by all blinded (including the user, minus 2 gun accuracy )  ›› ( costs: 75$$ for 3 )

a l u c a r d  s c o p e
A custom scope that was developed for Alucard’s longshot, but can also hit on any sniper. It has a night vision capability as well as three different range settings, x5, x10, and x20. These allow Alucard to snipe even in the dark and even if the target is very far away.
›› ( effects ) :: Allows sniping at night and at great distances. Adds a 50% chance for a headshot, 25% for vital and 25% for torso ›› ( costs: 500$$ )

a l u c a r d  s p e c t a c l e s
Special glasses that Alucard uses. Due to the yellow tint of the glasses, they proctect the wearer from ant techniques that use the suns reflective power, or from the use of flash grenades. the spectacles also allow the wearer to see through fog or smoke though the use of lost infared technology.
›› ( effects ) :: Gives immunity to flash grenades and sun techniques, allows vision in fog/smoke. ›› ( costs: 500$$ )

d u e l  k a t a r s
Two katars that are hidden in the coat of Alucard. They can be released fully out of the coat to be used in fights, but then put back into the coat as easy as taken out. They are each 18 inches long and when in the coat are completely safe due to the sheathe is in the coat. At the bottom of each katar is a bar that can be held onto.
›› ( effects ) :: damage + 4 each ›› ( costs: 500$$ )

t h e  h e a d l e s s  h o r s e m e n
››caliber: 7.62x51mm ) :: ( holds: 6 rounds )
A sniper that the barrel rivals the length of the long shot. Mainly only use from a stationary position, the barrel was made from the newest technology and is capable of breaking down into four key parts, the barrel two the gun one and the scope. The scope is made from lost technology that provides the user with a cover that is able to absorb light even when there is little to none, causing night vision when flipped over the scope. It also has x10 and x20 zooming capabilities giving 50% chance for headshots, 25% shot for vitals and 25% for torso. This lovely gun comes in a easy store mini coffin with slots that come with each part of the gun and able to hold ammo.
›› ( cost: $$900 ) :: ( avaliablity: one ) :: ( firing speed: 1 )

s i t e  n a v i g a t i o n