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Scenario V: Journey Into the Past


8:00 pm
November 26, 2018


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  Scenario V ~ Journey Into the Past
  A waviness began to overtake Alucard's head, his vision blurring for a split second as the images around them filtered through his eyes. Inside somewhere he could feel the screams, the pain that had occurred in this place, a very real feeling as if it had happened to him.
   ” Don't you remember this place? ” The voice in his mind was ethereal but somehow part of him, it was familiar but at the same time it seemed more then just the remnants of the Plant he had absorbed. ” This is where it happened, to her. ” The voice seemed to trail, fearful, having expressed what must be expressed.
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1:52 pm
December 8, 2018


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  Journey Into The Past  

The current reality faded away as Alucard became wrapped up in the past as the screaming and pain overcame him. Fear laced these emotions which seemed close enough that they were real, but distant enough that he was unsure if they were his feelings or someone elses. Since arriving on the ship, Alucard felt that he was rediscovering parts of himself he had to tuck away to survive on Gunsmoke and they were now resurfacing.

Alucard's anger fell as he voice showed some despair as he was unsure what the voice meant. Forgetting about Jonas, Alucard spoke outloud as the voice seemed as real as the emotions, but one thing was obvious. The voice seemed to know him and think he should know who he was referring to.

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