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g e n e r a l  s t o r e
the general stores of the planet gunsmoke are the marketplace for the cities and towns that they serve. in these stores you can find almost any item you might need, and if they don’t have it on hand, they can usually get the items for you. remember that not all towns have general stores, and when your character is in a town that doesn’t have one, you will not be able to purchase any items, weapons, etc for that character unless you travel to another town. when purchasing items at the general store, simply post what you need to buy on a managers update board, providing a link to your characters bio page, and listing the items and prices of the items.

p u r c h a s i n g  w e a p o n s
weapons that are not custom built by a gunsmith can only be purchased in a general store. all the weapons listed within the weapons pages of this section can be purchased in a general store unless otherwise noted. if you do not want to buy one of the weapons that are listed in this section, you can have one specially built for you character at a gunsmith.

w a n t  t o  s e l l  s o m e t h i n g ?
sometimes you may find yourself in the possession of an item or weapon you might not expecially care to keep, if that is the case, you can always sell it. when you wish to sell an item that you own, you will need to make sure you are in a town with a general store, and then simple request an update on a managers update board to sell the item. you will recieve 1/2 the purchase cost for the item. if you wish to sell items to other members for other costs, you may to this as well!

c r e a t i n g  c u s t o m  i t e m s
if you have an idea for an item that is not available at the general store feel free to post your idea, as well as any information about what the item could be used for on the suggestions board. if your item seems to be usefull a manager will take the idea you suggested and mold it into our system, placing it on the custom items page of the site. if you do not want the item to be available in the general store, but want it to be created just for your character, you can have this done as well, for an extra double dollar charge based on what the item is and the effects it will have on characters.
s i t e  n a v i g a t i o n