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g u n  c o m b a t  s y s t e m
combat is a very important part of most rpgs, and gun combat is very important to trigun. trigun project seeds has a very innovative and different combat system for gun fighting, something that has been very hard to role-play in the past because of the randomness of a bullet, and because of the effects of said bullet. the way the system works, is upon firing a bullet you will roll a 20 sided die ( `roll 20 ) to first see if you strike your target, a 1-4 hits. at first your accuracy wont be very high, but as you gain levels your chance to strike will rise (for every 10 dex stat points you have your hitting chances raise by 2, so at 11 dex you would be a 1-6 to strike, and so on). if you do strike your target you will then roll a 100 sided dice ( `roll 100 ) and the roll will determine where the bullet hits so you can then see how it effects your opponent. you can do these rolls with the basic %’s  in the chatroom with the ( `shoot ) command, if you have techs that raise the %’s you will have to use the ( `roll 100 ) command, and augment the roll %’s listed below.

s h o t  p r e c e n t a g e s

b o d y  l o c a t i o n
r o l l  n e e d e d

b o d y  l o c a t i o n

r o l l  n e e d e d

arm shot


torso shot
below waist
– - -

– - -

d r a w i n g  y o u r  w e a p o n
drawing your weapon isn’t something you can do freely without using an action. drawing your weapon will take a turn, or one action (if you can do more then one thing per combat). there are skills that allow you to increase the speed of drawing your weapon which negates any round requirement to draw it.

h e a d s h o t
››  ( chance of hitting: 5% )
if you are lucky enough and your aim is good, you may land a headshot; a headshot is an instant kill, and there is always a chance your character could die this way in combat, making it important to choose your battles wisely.
a r m  s h o t
››  ( chance of hitting: 15% )
getting shot in one of the arms is likely something that will happen to your character eventually here on tps, the damage is minimal from this but your character will usually lose the use of that arm until the injury is properly cared for.
››  ( damage multiplier: 1 )
v i t a l s
››  ( chance of hitting: 10% )
this is a very bad area to be shot in, including your heart and spine. getting shot in the vitals doesnt always mean instant death, but your character will no longer be able to fight after such an injury, and unless cared for right away will die.
t o r s o
››  ( chance of hitting: 35% )
a persons torso is usually the most common place they are shot, these injurys can be severe but usually are not life threatening, and sometimes a character can fight through these type of injuries and continue to battle.
››  ( damage multiplier: 2 )
b e l o w  w a i s t
››  ( chance of hitting: 35% )
also a very common area to be shot, this comprises a characters legs, hips, and backside. the effects of being shot in the legs, like the arms, renders that limb pretty much useless until someone can take care of the injury.
››  ( damage multiplier: 1.5 )
d a m a g e  m u l t i p l i e r s
once you know where your bullet hits you can finally see how much damage your attack has done to your opponent. the three non-lethal areas each have a damage multiplier, which is multiplied by the weapons power to get the overall damage done to the character that has been shot. for shots that land in the head or vitals, no multiplier is needed as that character is now either dead (if shot in the head) or is unable to continue the battle (if the character is hit in the vitals).
›› ( gun combat formula ) weapon power x multiplier = damage delt to character.
m a n a g i n g  y o u r  a m m u n i t i o n
please note that ammunition on trigun project seeds is not infinite, and you will have to buy ammo as you use it. make sure to keep track of your ammo use in combat and report how much ammo you used with your updates. also remember when your gun is out of ammo, you will need to reload, and unless you have skills increasing your reload speed, it takes your entire turn.
s i t e  n a v i g a t i o n