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l o c a t i o n s  o n e
there are many different locations on the planet gunsmoke, even though humans have only been settled on the planet for about 130 years. in the time since the great fall from heaven, the human survivors of the SEEDS mission have spread out across gunsmoke forming a vast number of cities and towns, all which rely on the plant reactors to sustain the civilization. some of the cities have grown massive around the crashed remains of SEEDS ships, while others are almost ghost towns.

a u g u s t a
›› ( population: high ) :: ( battlegrounds: town, desert, reactor ) :: ( reactors: 100 ) :: board )
augusta is one of the largest cities on the planet gunsmoke and is widely known for the massive tower that dominates the center skyline of the city. this tower, built from wreckage of a fallen SEEDS ship is home to many citizens as well as government offices. the city itself is much like the others on gunsmoke, but has many reactors supplying the population with power as well as food and water.
›› ( locations: saloon, inn, general store, bank, hospital, steam station, police/jail, gunsmith, reactor ) 
c l i f f ‘ s  g h o s t  t o w n
›› ( population: low ) :: ( battlegrounds: town, desert ) :: ( board )
cliff schezar’s ghost town is just that, a ghost town. many if not most of the citizens have begun to leave the town in hords as there is not enough water to support the town. in the center of the town is cliff’s mansion complete with a well and running water. many of the citizens do not trust schezar and have even gone as far to say he is stealing the water from the town.
›› ( locations: inn ) 
d a n k i n  t o w n
›› ( population: low ) :: ( battlegrounds: town, desert, mountains ) :: ( board )
dankin town is a small backwoods town on one of the major routes between some of the larger cities, the town itself lies exactly 40 iles west of the larger felnarl town. dankin is well known for the large mountains that surround the town, many citizens often veture up into the mountains to see the sights from the large cliffs that overlook dankin town.
›› ( locations: saloon, inn, bank, hospital ) 
d e c e m b e r  c i t y
›› ( population: medium ) :: ( battlegrounds: town, desert, reactor ) :: ( reactors: 250 ) :: ( board )
one of the larger cities on the planet, december is located in the far north of the planet gunsmoke, and is your average town. the town is filled and built around the wreakage of one of the SEEDS ships that fell 130 years ago, and is also home to quite a few reactors due to the fact that an entire ship fell in the location, complete with all reactors which powered it.
›› ( locations: saloon, general store, bank, hospital, gunsmith, steamer station, inn, police/jail, reactor ) 
d e m i t r i h i
›› ( population: low ) :: ( battlegrounds: seeds ship ) :: ( reactors: 50 ) :: ( board )
demitrihi is a very secretive location which is hidden from the knowledge of most of the citizens of gunsmoke, the ‘city’ it’s self is actully a fully intact SEEDS ship which has fallen into a deep chasm in the middle of the vast unoccupied desert that populates gunsmoke. most of the machinery as well as computer systems are all still active, however this place is thought to be the home of knives and the gung-ho guns.
›› ( locations: n/a ) 
e d e n
›› ( population: low ) :: ( battlegrounds: eden, desert ) :: ( board )
eden as it has so been called is a small farm located a few iles outside of may city. this land is owned by a old couple who refuse to sell or give over their land. the property is filled with lush trees and forests and is the only place on the entire planet gunsmoke that has plantlife growing in the wild without the need of the many plant reactors.
›› ( locations: inn ) 
f e l n a r l  t o w n
›› ( population: medium ) :: ( battlegrounds: town, desert ) :: ( board )
felnarl town is located in the dankin region, about 40 iles east of dankin town itself. felnarl is the largest city in the region and is pretty average compaired to other towns its size. the outskirts of the town are filled with saloons and resturants for travelars that are passing through the dankin region towns inepril city which is only a days travel from felnarl.
›› ( locations: saloon, bank, general store, hospital, inn, police/jail ) 
i n e p r i l  c i t y
›› ( population: high ) :: ( battlegrounds: town, desert, reactor ) :: ( reactors: 50 ) :: ( board )
inepril city is the third largest city on the planet gunsmoke and is home to many attractions, as well as a good bit of crime to go along with the population. a few gangs are said to be based here, headed up by the wanted nebraska family. the city is known for its reactors which are clustered near the steamer station that leads all the way to may city many iles away from inepril.
›› ( locations: saloon, bank, general store, hospital, gunsmith, steamer station, inn, police/jail, reactor ) 
j e n e o r a  r o c k
›› ( population: medium ) :: ( battlegrounds: town, mountain, desert ) :: ( reactors: 100 ) :: ( board )
jeneora rock is a medium sized town that is built at the base of a large rock formation. sitting atop the summit of the large rock is the cities most well known sight, the jeneora windmill which creates the electricity for the city. jenoera is regarded as one of most peaceful cities in all of gunsmoke but is rumored to once have been the home of knives and the gung-ho guns.
›› ( locations: saloon, bank, general store, hospital, gunsmith, steamer station, inn, police/jail, reactor ) 


* r e a c t o r  c o u n t s
every location has a different number of plant inside of their reactors, based on how many ships were salvaged and plant rectors the founders of the cities were able to stablize.

s i t e  n a v i g a t i o n