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l o c a t i o n s  t w o
there are many different locations on the planet gunsmoke, even though humans have only been settled on the planet for about 130 years. in the time since the great fall from heaven, the human survivors of the SEEDS mission have spread out across gunsmoke forming a vast number of cities and towns, all which rely on the plant reactors to sustain the civilization. some of the cities have grown massive around the crashed remains of SEEDS ships, while others are almost ghost towns.

j u l y  c i t y
›› ( population: low ) :: ( battlegrounds: town, reactor, seeds ship ) :: ( board )
july city was once one of the largest and most pleasent cities on the entire planet gunsmoke, until seven years ago, when what has now been named ‘the july inncident’ occured, causing the destruction of the entire city at the hands of vash the stampede. little is actually known about what happened that night, but all that is left known is the wreakage of a once grand city
›› ( locations: —- ) 
l e w i s t o n  t o w n
›› ( population: medium ) :: ( battlegrounds: town, desert, reactor, mountains) :: ( reactors: 20 ) :: ( board )
lewiston town is a medium sized population center in the dankin region, a few miles from the smaller felnarl town. known for the peacefulness of the town, and the many families who come here for that peace, lewiston town is a growing population center which may soon face crime problems if the city planners don’t first find a way to cut it back before the city grows to large.
›› ( locations: saloon, bank, inn, hospital, steamer station, reactor ) 
l i t t l e  j e r s e y
›› ( population: medium ) :: ( battlegrounds: town, desert, reactor ) :: ( reactors: 20 ) :: ( board )
little jersey is a rough town indeed, home to a great many gangs the law in the town has a very hard time keeping in order, however even with the downsides, the city continues to grow due to the reactors which populate a key section of the city. little jersey lies in a protective mountain region of gunsmoke, making it somewhat hard to reach, impossible by steamer.
›› ( locations: bank, saloon, inn, hospital, police/jail. reactor, general store, gunsmith) 
l o t t e n b e r g  c a n y o n
›› ( population: low ) :: ( battlegrounds: canyon ) :: ( board )
lottenbery canyon is the known home of the bad lad’s gang, which is run by brilliants dynamite neon, and his gang of outlandish crooks. the canyon itself is a very massive chasim which is cut through the planet, and is used as the trail for sand steamers between inepril city and the capital city of gunsmoke may city, though many report strange lights in the canyon, as well as frequent theft.
›› ( locations: — ) 
m a y  c i t y
›› ( population: high ) :: ( battlegrounds: town, desert, reactor, seeds ship ) :: ( reactors: 200 ) :: ( board )
may city is the capital and largest city on the planet gunsmoke. the city is build around the wreckage of an nearly intact SEEDS ship which still holds all of the cities working plant reactors. it is rumored that you can find and buy just about anything you could want in may city, which leads many travelers to this place in search of weapons or items that they could not get elsewhere.
›› ( locations: saloon, bank, general store, gunsmith, steamer station, inn, police/jail, reactor- ) 
n e w  o r e g o n
›› ( population: medium ) :: ( battlegrounds: town, desert, reactor ) :: ( reactors: 100 ) :: board )
the town of new oregon is one of the most friendly on the planet, and is home to some of the planets working weather stations, and is also the closest town to the fabled project SEEDS ship which floats in the atmosphere of gunsmoke fairly close to the town. new oregon is a generally safe place to stay, and one most visit on their journeys.
›› ( locations: saloon, bank, general store, police/jail, inn, reactor, hospital ) 
p r o j e c t  s e e d s  s h i p
›› ( population: medium ) :: ( battlegrounds: seeds ship) :: ( reactors: 50 ) :: ( board )
one of the only working project SEEDS ships that still exist (the other being demitrihi). the remains of this ship are unknown to most all humans on the planet gunsmoke as it never fully fell to the planet and still floats in the atmosphere of the planet. gaining access to this place is hard (1000 words the first time) but the citizens who live here know more about the SEEDS mission then any.
›› ( locations: hospital, gunsmith, reactor) 
t o n i m
›› ( population: medium ) :: ( battlegrounds: town, desert, reactor ) :: ( reactors: 50 ) :: ( board )
tonim was once a very nice city, but in the past decade has become a hotspot for gang activity which in turn has caused the towns crime problems to skyrocket. the few good citizens that remain fear the gangs and crime organizations that have the power in tonim, and have gradually started to migrate away from the city to other growing population centers.
›› ( locations: saloon, bank, general store, reactor, inn, gunsmith) 
w a r r e n  t o w n
›› ( population: medium ) :: ( battlegrounds: town, desert, reactor, mountains ) :: ( reactors: 50 ) :: ( board )
warren town is the largest city in the dankin area, and is fitted with many reactors which have been salvaged and moved from the nearby wreakage of two SEEDS ships. the town itself is fairly peaceful, though it does have its fair share of small gangs which cause some crime. warren town is one of the faster growing cities on the planet, and soon could even rival augusta in size.
›› ( locations: inn, police/jail, bank, steamer station, gunsmith, general store, hospital, reactor, saloon) 

* r e a c t o r  c o u n t s
every location has a different number of plant inside of their reactors, based on how many ships were salvaged and plant rectors the founders of the cities were able to stablize.

s i t e  n a v i g a t i o n