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m o r t a l i t y  e x p l a i n e d
trigun project seeds is not your average rpg, and it is very possible, as well as likely that at some point your character will be faced with the possibility that he or she may die. there are obviously some things you can do to help protect your character better, however their is no protection against the randomness of a head shot, or the aim of a very skilled gunman. if you happen to come face to face with death you will be happy to know that its not the end, but its still not something your going to want to happen. even though you will not lose your character completely, you will take a huge hit.

w h a t  h a p p e n s  i f  i  d i e ?
so now you may be asking yourself, what exactly happens when your character dies? well the answer is, that character will lose one half of their total experience points and ‘restart’. any items or weapons that the character may have had were at the mercy of the killer, who had the option of taking all of the items you carry with you, as well as your double dollars, so be careful. if your character happens to lose enough experience points to go down in level, that will happen and the staff will remove all stat, hit, and tech points that would have been gained above the level your character is now at, so to be blunt, don’t die.

w h a t  a b o u t  p l o t  h o l e s
personally the staff of trigun project seeds feel that the death of a character should be that; the death of a character and that character should be lost completely, however when you realize the amount of work that goes into some of the characters that option just does not seem possible. yes this could cause a few plot holes here and there but its a trade off so that when you die, or your character is faced with the prospect of death, it does not ruin weeks or months of role-playing. if you have any questions about death or anything else that might happen when your character dies feel free to ask a manager ( link )

s i t e  n a v i g a t i o n