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o t h e r  w e a p o n s
the citizens of the planet gunsmoke use more then just firearms as weapons, many using an assortment of bladed weapons, or blunt objects to do harm to others, or protect themselves from this harm.

k n i f e
this is your basic short knife, and can be bought in many different forms, but for the most part all have the same effect when used in combat. (stabbing weapon)
›› ( effects ) :: damage + 2 ›› ( costs: 100$$ )
b o w i e  k n i f e
the bowie knife if a very common weapon used by many as a backup to their firearm, and for close ranged combat. larger then your basic knife; can be used for stabbing and slicing.
›› ( effects ) :: damage + 4 ›› ( costs: 150$$ )
k a t a n a
a katana is a large japanese style folded steel sword about three feet in length. these weapons are known for their strength and power in combat.
›› ( effects ) :: damage + 6 ›› ( costs: 300$$ )
w o o d e n  b a t
a wooden bat can be a pretty dangerous weapon in battle and is used to physically bludgeon an opponent into submission; used to play an old sport.
›› ( effects ) :: damage + 3 ›› ( costs: 60$$ )
s t e e l / i r o n  p i p e
steel and iron are very common on gunsmoke, both from the planet’s resources, as well as the wreckage of the numerous SEEDS ships. a pipe of this material can do some damage.
›› ( effects ) :: damage + 4 ›› ( costs: 100$$ )
g r e n a d e
grenades are small handheld explosives, usually activated with the pull of a pin, or push of a small button. when thrown at a target they cause shrapnel damage.
›› ( effects ) :: damage = 20 ›› ( costs: 100$$ )
f l a s h  g r e n a d e
flash grenades are similar in shape to a standard grenade, and generally are activated in the same way, but when thrown they create a blinding flash that renders all who view it blinded for 3 rounds.
›› ( effects ) :: blinds all who view for three rounds. ›› ( costs: 100$$ )
m o l o t o v
the consumption of alcohol on the planet gunsmoke is very common, and one of the most common weapons is created with a bottle of alcohol and a wick, which when lit and thrown creates an explosion.
›› ( effects ) :: causes 20 damage (fire based) ›› ( costs: 50$$ )

s i t e  n a v i g a t i o n