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a n g e l  a r m  t r i g g e r ›› ( lvl 1 )
for a plant to use his angel arm he/she must first learn how to trigger the skill without having to rely on his protective instincts which generally trigger the technique when a plant is in danger of dieing. through study and training a plant can learn to trigger his/her angel arm on their own without the need of that instinct.
›› ( tech points: 0 ) – ( plant energy: 0 ) – ( prerequisites: be of plant race ) – ( ability points: 15 )

a n g e l  a r m  g a t e ›› ( lvl 2 )
the angel arm gate, as it is known, is the main attack of a plant’s angel arm. when a plant is able to trigger his/her angel are, that plant can use the gate attack which causes the plants arm to manifest into a cannon and fire a massive ball of energy which can cause massive widespread damage as seen before in july city and during the fifth moon incident. the angel arm gate drains some of the plants PE (plant energy) and can only be used a finite amount of times before the plants power will run out and that plant will die. the gate strikes all targets in combat (friend and enemy) and does str + dex x 5 damage.
›› ( 
tech points: 40 ) - ( plant energy: 15 ) – ( prerequisites: angel arm trigger ) – ( ability points: 25 )

a n g e l  a r m  t r i g g e r  m a s t e r y ›› ( lvl 2 )
plant who decide to spend more time training to understand whoa nd what their plant abilities learn will be able to master thier trigger effect which will allow a plant to trigger another plant’s gate simply by coming in contact with said plant. learning the trigger mastery technique can also prevent another plant from activating your gate in similar fashon.
›› ( 
tech points: 0 ) – ( plant energy: 0 ) - ( prerequisites: angel arm trigger ) – ( ability points: 25 )

a n g e l  a r m  g a t e  m a s t e r y ›› ( lvl 3 )
once a plant descovers the shear power of his/her gate it is likely they will want to train more to understand how the power is used and how to preserve some of that finite plant energy while still optimising their gate’s power. the gate mastery technique allows a plant to preform his/her gate at the same power as the normal gate abilities, but uses up less plant energy in the process. like the normal gate attack the mastery strikes all targets (friend and foe) and does str + dex x 5 damage.
›› ( 
tech points: 20 ) – ( plant energy: 10 ) – ( prerequisites: angel arm gate ) – ( ability points: 50 )

c o n t r o l  a n g e l  a r m ›› ( lvl 4 )
the control angel arm techinique is the ultimate mastery of a plant’s power. when a plant learns this technique he/she is able to further her use of the angel arm (allows a plant to create custom angel arm related techniques, which must be approved by staff), as well as control the output and targeting of a gate attack (you can now form smaller gates which do str + dex x2 damage, using 2 PE, which only target characters in battle of your choice, allowing you the ability to not damage your allies.
›› ( 
tech points: 10 ) – ( plant energy: 3 ) – ( prerequisites: trigger mastery, gate mastery ) – ( ability points: 30 )

w i n g s  o f  p r o t e c t i o n ›› ( lvl 2 )
when a plant is near death (below 0 HP, but still above -10) he/she loses control of the ability to fight and his/her angel arm instincts take over sprouting assive angellic wings from the plant’s right arm which completely enclose the plant and protect it from any more danger targeted at the plant. the wings negate all damaged done to the plant for the rest of the battle. ( this technique cannot be used willfully until after a plant knows control angel arm)
›› ( 
tech points: 10 ) – ( plant energy: 5 ) – ( prerequisites: angel arm trigger ) – ( ability points: 15 )

p l a n t  f u s i o n ›› ( lvl 3 )
an independent plant can fuse with a none independent plant once they have mastered their angel arm. this ability allows a plant to regain some PE, prolonging an independent plant’s life. when an independent plant fuses with a normal plant they absorb the body of that plant, as well as the soul which stays seperate, and conscious. the non-independent plants body is completely absobed into the independent plants angel arm and only manifests as part of the arm when it is used. plant fusion is not permanent and can be reverious but all plant energy gained will be lost. (each plant fused with adds 25 PE)
›› ( 
tech points: 0 ) – ( plant energy: 0 ) – ( prerequisites: angel arm trigger mastery ) – ( ability points: 40 )

s i t e  n a v i g a t i o n