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r a c e s  i n t r o d u c t i o n
the planet gunsmoke is home to three main races, humans being the planets dominant race. upon joining trigun project seeds you will have to pick a character, or create one, and then choose that characters race. you may choose from the three available races, but please make sure if you are role-playing an existing character from the series that you make sure you choose the correct race for that character. the most important effect of race outside rp and character development is that your race determines your hit points.


p l a n t
the plant race, like all of the races on planet gunsmoke is alien. the race is far superior to the human race in skill, and knowledge mainly due to the fact that the plant race is a very long living one. plant characters are also known to heal faster then the other races as their bodies are superior. plant characters heal 2x as fast as a human or mutant character. the details about the arrival of the planet race is somewhat scarce, but it is believed that survivors of this race were created in space by a SEEDS project rector and landed on the planet with the survivors of the calamity that caused the destruction of that project.
››  ( starting HP: 25 ) ›› ( HP increase: 10 ) ›› ( starting TP: 20 ) ›› ( TP increase: 10 ) ›› ( Plant Energy: 200 )
h u m a n
the human race is the main race of the planet gunsmoke. this race was not originally from this planet, yet arrived here on a mission to find a new home planet for their race, as the planet earth which they once called home was now uninhabitable. humans are a very adapt race, and are skilled in many arts, however the human race is fragile, as is all life. stories tell of the calamity that caused the project SEEDS mission to fail generations ago, killing much of the human race. the few ships that were able to survive the calamity fell from the sky to gunsmoke, and since then the human race has began to rebuild.
››  ( starting HP: 20 ) ›› ( HP increase: 10 ) ›› ( starting TP: 25 ) ›› ( TP increase: 10 )
m u t a n t
not much is really known about the mutant race; some humans have been effected by the radiation and other natural effects of the planet gunsmoke which has caused them to grow large, or even small. mutant characters generally stay away from society as they are not accepted by the common man, which leads this race of people into crime to survive. mutant characters are generally much stronger then the human race, and sometimes even the plant race. because of this when joining the site as a mutant character you will recieve an extra 5 stat points for your strength statistic.
››  ( starting HP: 30 ) ›› ( HP increase: 15 ) ›› ( starting TP: 15 ) ›› ( TP increase: 10 )

c h a r a c t e r  r a c e  l i s t i n g
for those members who are playing characters from the show we have created a listing of all the characters, alittle bit about them, and most importantly each characters race is listed with them in this section. if you have any questions about character race, or creating a custom character and choosing a race, feel free to direct it to a manager ( here )

a b o u t  p l a n t  e n e r g y
the plant race may seem to have unlimited power, however this is not true. all plants have a finite amount of energy that they can use with their angel arm. as the plant use their special abilities, his/her hair will begin to turn black in places, serving as a mackshift gauge for the amount of energy that plant has left. when a plant’s hair turns completely black, that plants energy will have run out and the plant will die, just as non-independent plants used in reactors. all angel arm specific techs drain some of a plants energy permenatly, your plant energy can only be regained by absorbing other plants.


p l a n t  c o n j u n c t i o n
an independent plant can ‘fuse’ with a non-independent plant to restore plant energy, however doing so changes the personality of the plant as the conjuction of the plants is only physical and that plant’s personality remains seperate from the plant that aborbed it. the plant’s body is not present in a plants normal form but manifests itself as part of the independent planst angel arm. fusing with another plant requires the plant fusion technique, and restores 25 PE (plant energy).


s i t e  n a v i g a t i o n