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r e g i s t r a t i o n  e x p l a i n e d
now that you have fully read though the guidelines section of the site, its time for you to create a character. once created, that character will then enter the world of trigun under your complete control. if you have yet to read through the guidelines section it is best that you do so before creating your character. if you have read through the section and have questions please feel free to ask ( link )
m a k i n g  y o u r  c h a r a c t e r
making your character is the single most important thing you will do here on trigun project seeds. the details and history of that character is up to your imagination, and knowledge of the world of gunsmoke. as you begin your character please take note on all the important details, and make sure you choose the character that fits you best. you are allowed to play any character from the show that is alive at the time of our storyline ( a list can be found here ), or make up a character of your own. please remember this is a trigun rpg and characters from other anime do not belong, so please no naruto’s, vegeta’s etc. once you know what character your going to play proceed to the bio form and fill out all the details listed ( link )

s t a t s  &  c h o o s i n g  a  r a c e
when you create your bio here on trigun project seeds you will be required to choose a race ( for more information on races and details about the allowed races please visit the
race page ) which will determine your characters starting hit points. you will also need to distribute your statistics at your choosing. your character will start out with 20 stat points and it will be up to you to divide them into your characters four attributes ( for more information on attributes visit the guidelines )

g r a p h i c  b a s e d  b i o s
you are allowed to make custom graphic based bios for your characters here on trigun project seeds, or just use the basic form provided by us, however if you do decide to use a custom bio, please make 100% sure that all of the information that is on the form that we provide is also somewhere on your custom bio, or else we will be forced to deny your registration.
o n c e  y o u  h a v e  f i n i s h e d
once you have finished filling out your characters bio form, you will need to get the registration accepted by staff members of trigun project seeds. copy and paste your finished bio and post it in a new thread on the registration board ( link ) and a manager will then take the time to read over your bio and make sure you have divided your stats right, and filled out all the required information. if everything is in order your bio will then be accepted and you can freely role-play on the site.

s i t e  n a v i g a t i o n