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r o l e – p l a y i n g  e x p l a i n e d
role-playing is what you do on a rpg, and thus is the essence of the rpg. role-playing is defined here as any post you make in-character while on trigun project seeds. we would like to fully encourage you to role-play as much as you like, there are no limits to how many rps you can be in each day, just remember while in character do not power game, or perform actions that your character would not be able to perform realistically. this is looked down upon and you could be punished for it.

g r o u p  r o l e – p l a y i n g
group role-playing is probably the most fun thing you can do on any rpg, and because of this we like to really promote taking part in, as well as starting large group rp threads. to encourage this your character will receive extra experience for each post they make in a multi-person rp thread. the experience awarded for each post in these rps is equal to your characters level, so for example if your character is level two, you would receive two bonus exp points for each post.

g a i n i n g  d o u b l e  d o l l a r s
double dollars are the currency of the planet gunsmoke, and are always sought after so that characters can buy new goods. for each post that you make in character you will gain an extra five double dollars, so make sure you keep count of your posts so that when you request your update you can get that extra money.
a d v e n t u r i n g
trigun project seeds is home to a frequently updated adventure section, where small quests will be posted on a regular basis that characters will be able to take part in to gain rewards. these quests will not reward experience like normal rp threads, but instead rare or sought after items, money, etc. when taking part in these adventures you will need to achieve a set word and post count to complete the quest; those numbers will be listed with each adventure. when doing adventures alone you will need to complete the full requirement, but when you do these quests with another person or a group of people, you will receive a 20% reduction in both total words and posts.

s i t e  n a v i g a t i o n