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r o l l  d o d g e ›› ( lvl 1 )
roll dodge, is a very basic defensive maneuver that will allow your character to drop to the ground out of the way of a physical attack and then roll out of harms way quickly, roll dodge does NOT dodge bullet based attacks. (only works on basic physical attacks)
›› ( tech points: 5 ) – ( prerequisites: — ) – ( ability points: 5 )

i m p r o v e d  r o l l  d o d g e ›› ( lvl 2 )
improved roll dodge, is a more mastered version of the basic roll dodge technique. like with the basic roll dodge, this skill allows your character to get out of the way of physical attacks by dropping to the ground and rolling. (works with basic and 1st level techs)
›› ( tech points: 15 ) – ( prerequisites: roll dodge ) – ( ability points: 10 )

m a s t e r e d  r o l l  d o d g e ›› ( lvl 3 )
once a character has learned and mastered both roll dodge, and improved roll dodge they can master the technique, which is performed in the exact same manner as the prerequisite techinques. (mastered roll dodge can dodge ANY physical attack)
›› ( tech points: 30 ) – ( prerequisites: roll dodge, imp. roll dodge ) – ( ability points: 20 )

b u l l e t  d o d g e ›› ( lvl 1 )
in combat bullets are a dangerous thing, and having the chance to get out ot of the way of a bullet that is flying towards your character is a create skill to learn, this skill cannot dodge physical attacks (can dodge torso and below waist shots only)
›› ( tech points: 5 ) – ( prerequisites: — ) – ( ability points: 5 )

i m p r o v e d  b u l l e t  d o d g e ›› ( lvl 2 )
as your character becomes faster and more adept at the art of dodging bullets they will be able to dodge more skilled shots, improved bullet dodge like its prerequisite tech can only dodge bullets, not melee attacks. ( can dodge, torso, below wasit, and arm shots )
›› ( tech points: 15 ) – ( prerequisites: bullet dodge ) – ( ability points: 10 )

m a s t e r e d  b u l l e t  d o d g e ›› ( lvl 3 )
a master gunman usually has also progressed his skills in not only firing shots, but also dodging bullets that have been fired at him, this is the ultimate bullet dodging technique and doesn’t work with melee attacks. (can dodge all gun attacks)
›› ( tech points: 30 ) – ( prerequisites: bullet dodge, imp. bullet dodge ) – ( ability points: 20 )

q u i c k  d r a w ›› ( lvl 1 )
having the fastest hands in a gunfight could be the difference between life and death, and because of this the gunfighter who can draw his weapon quicker has the best chance to win. quick draw allows a character to draw as a free action instead of wasting a turn.
›› ( tech points: n/a ) – ( prerequisites: — ) – ability points: 5 )

i m p r o v e d  q u i c k  d r a w ›› ( lvl 2 )
as a gunfighter becomes more skilled at his craft he will learn to draw his weapon even quicker and quicker. like with quick draw this technique allows a character to draw as a free action, but also allows the character to fire once in the same action.
›› ( tech points: n/a ) – ( prerequisites: quick draw ) – ( ability points: 10 

m a s t e r e d  q u i c k  d r a w ›› ( lvl 3 )
skilled gunfighters have mastered the quick draw ability, and are very dangerous in combat, this technique like its prerequisite abilities allows a character to draw a weapon as a free action, and also fire twice as a continuation of that drawing motion.
›› ( tech points: n/a ) – ( prerequisites: quick draw, imp. quick draw ) – ability points: 20  

d i s a r m ›› ( lvl 1 )
there is nothing more satisfing the disarming your character then making mince meat of them, with this technique you will be able to knock your opponents weapon from their hand (considered a physical attack without damage)
›› ( tech points: 5 ) – ( prerequisites: — ) – ability points: 5 )

i m p r o v e d  d i s a r m ›› ( lvl 2 )
as your character advances you will have the chance to come up with more clever ways to disarm your opponent, improved disarm allows you to disarm your oppenent as well as perform an action within the same motion.
›› ( tech points: 15 ) – ( prerequisites: disarm ) – ability points: 10 )

m a s t e r e d  d i s a r m ›› ( lvl 3 )
a mastered combatant will have devised many skilled ways to get the advantage in combat by disarming their opponent, mastered disam allows your character to disarm an opponent and then perform up to two close combat actions.
›› ( tech points: 30 ) – ( prerequisites: disarm, imp. disarm ) – ability points: 20 )

s i t e  n a v i g a t i o n