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Welcome to Dystopia Productions, a small play-by-post RPG host. Our origins began on MSN Groups where many of us were part of the strong RPG community that had grown around the free host. When MSN Groups closed I, along with a few others, started a similar free host in the style of MSN Groups so many of the existing RPGs would have a place to migrate to that supported our style of role-playing best. Cyberpunk Nexus as it was called lasted a couple years but after shutting it down I decided to keep hosting RPGs just on a smaller scale, and from that came Dystopia Productions. Our goal here is to host a strong stable of play-by-post RPGs and build a community around those RPGs that will benefit all the RPGs we host.
We're glad you're joining Dystopia Productions and will do everything possible to make your role-playing experience here an enjoyable one. Just fill out the forms below and before long you'll be a member of a growing community of role-players like yourself!

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