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Chapter VI: Belly of the Whale

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11:30 am
January 28, 2017


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  Chapter VI: Belly of the Whale
     It was Cloud who finally broke the silence, announcing that he had found the submarine's entry hatch. Wordlessly he made his way over and folded his arms, waiting for the blonde to open the hatch. When it was finally open Levy only gave a passing glance to his comrades before he put a hand on either side of the entrance before lowering himself inside and letting himself fall the short distance to the floor within.
   Without pause he started forward, briefly stumbling before regaining his balance. Leveche made his way through the submarine, a vague recollection of the layout of the standard Shinra design for such a vehicle guiding his steps. When he came upon the control room he sat down at a console and began working on preparing the submarine for sail. Leveche glanced back to make sure the others were on board, waiting for the all clear to launch….
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5:05 pm
January 30, 2017


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  Belly of the Whale  

Pulling himself and Paris to the top of submarine, Tsuna followed behind as Cloud opened the hatch. With no signs of life obvious to Tsuna, he wondered if he was wasting his time carrying around the scientist. The backs of Tsuna's pants were stuck tight to his shoe due to the water, the ends beginning the fray. Huffing and puffing quietly to himself, Tsuna moved down in the submarine moving Paris only as much as necessary. Breaking off from the group, Tsuna found a bed for Paris and went in search for blankets and towels to keep her warm.

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5:31 pm
January 30, 2017


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  Chapter VI: Belly of the Whale
  With the latch closed tightly behind them and the SOLDIER First Class at the controls the submarine descended to clear the supports for the underwater reactor. Cloud had moved quickly towards the first open seat, throwing his tired body into it, allowing, for the briefest moments, himself to relax and exhale, not looking forward or into the past but simply existing in the moment. Around them alarms screamed, no doubt due to the proximity to the underwater reactor, Cloud was unfazed by these, trusting in Leveche to get them to safety, back to the Highwind. His eyes had drifted to the series of display monitors, some of which showed the view of the reactor structure in their wake. He was fixated for many moments as the structure shifted and moved and then without much fanfare simply came apart at the seems, destined to remain in the silence of the deep sea.
   ” We have to go back to Nibelheim. ” Cloud suddenly broke his silence, his eyes weary with the thought. ” This began there for us— ” He said as he made eye contact with Tsuna, his mind flashing back to their first meeting inside Shinra Mansion, the fires and the escape. ” I'm sure that the answer to what we all seek is there. ” He finished speaking, his eyes now locked into a fierce gaze with Leveche, his thoughts on Zack, his lifeless body.
Having cleared his mind of it's most important though Cloud closed his eyes, feeling the undeniable tug of sleep washing over him like the ocean washed over the Junon reactor.
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End Chapter.
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