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++ Scenario: The Wayfarers
  The Wayfarers     Their race to the bridge seemed too easy to Joker until the three men stepped into the passage. If Jonas wasn't by his side, Joker would be worried about fighting. Joker looked to Jonas with a smirk, "There won't be a problem there." Joker extended both arms causing an orb of swirling ...
griff ~ (2017-09-14)
++ Scenario: The Wayfarers
  Scenario: The Wayfarers      Jonas have the young man a nod of agreement and after he took off down the corridor, followed closely behind, his sword in hand ready for the encounters they would surely soon be engaged in. Jonas could hear the heavy sound of his boots echoing through the maze like corridors of ...
dystopia ~ (2017-09-05)
++ Scenario: The Wayfarers
  The Wayfarers     With nerves of steel, Joker gripped Jonas elbow reassuringly. "If he's on the ship, we can save him as long as we have control of it." Joker wasn't too sure if this was true, but he needed Jonas. Joker's last attempts did ot save him, but possibly the fighter will make all the dif ...
griff ~ (2017-09-05)
++ Scenario: The Wayfarers
  Scenario: The Wayfarers      Jonas could feel his heart rate begin to rise, the young man Joker was certainly right that the discovery of their escape had been quick, surely their would be a wave of guards rushing the corridors now looking for them. Sensing that it was best to be ready for combat when it ca ...
dystopia ~ (2017-09-02)
++ Scenario: The Wayfarers
  The Wayfarers     Their escape had been discovered and faster than usual. "Shit!" Joker exclaimed, clenching his fist. "I know you want to save your friend, but for no getting control of this ship is more important. We know he's on here, we can look for him along the way." Joker cared little for the othe ...
griff ~ (2017-09-01)
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