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++ Adventure: Reminiscence
  Adventure: Reminiscence      The raucous sound of the rabble had had taken Jonas off guard as he moved back through the large oaken doors into the warm still night. He had hesitated but Soren was swift and adept as usual, making up for any social shortcomings Jonas might find himself with, taking charge of ...
dystopia ~ (2020-11-27)
++ Adventure: Reminiscence
  Reminiscence      R67-B watched intently as the new person approached both Aegir and himself. His voice and body language seemed both friendly and familiar to Aegir. He tried to understand how this new person knew Aegir though he did understand that it was a better situation from the crowd. His mechanic hea ...
griff ~ (2020-11-27)
++ Adventure: Reminiscence
  Adventure: Reminiscence       "You hear that, Gears?" Aegir tried to force a faint smile at the good news, and patted his left hand against the robot's right shoulder as he glanced over at his mechanical ally. "Looks like we got a place to rest after all." He then lowered his arms to his sides ...
Aegir ~ (2020-11-26)
++ Adventure: Reminiscence
  Adventure: Reminiscence        With a wry smirk Soren simply leaned back in the chair and waited as Jonas made his approach. When his friend began to speak the blademaster couldn't help but feel relieved, glad that his arduous and lonely journey was finally over. Yet their reunion was cut short as ...
sanarian ~ (2020-11-25)
++ Adventure: Reminiscence
  Adventure: Reminiscence      Jonas had let his eyes scan the room completely from left to right when he finally came to the final table, tucked on it's own in the far right corner. Seated there casually was a face he hadn't seen in several months, the one he had hoped he would see upon arriving here ...
dystopia ~ (2020-11-21)
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