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++ Chapter I: Connections
It had taken Aurora nearly three months of vigorous assessments, interviews, applications and training before she had finally secured a job at Shinra. Friends of her brother had been able to help her with the process. Whilst they were not as prepared to put their neck on the line, they did feel her brother had been killed unlawfully by somebody wit ...
aurora ~ (2020-06-10)
++ Chapter I: Connections
  Chapter 1: Connections       Karth looked back at the past few hours and thought how normal this day had begun and how he had found himself in an elevator with three of the most eccentric people he had ever met in his life. Well, two out of the three. The blonde hair guy was a pretty generic weirdo. Da ...
griff ~ (2020-06-07)
++ Chapter I: Connections
  Chapter I ~ Connections           Nika maintainted a firm grasp upon the neck of her coat with her free arm, careful to avoid letting it fall. Every so often she would glance over toward the Ninja out of the corner of her eyes, searching for some sign of approval for her (in her own opinion) ...
sanarian ~ (2020-06-01)
++ Chapter I: Connections
  Chapter I ~ Connections       "Of course I'm from Wu-" Void unintentionally cutoff his response to Karth once again, clearly caught off guard by another one of Nika's unexpected transformations. His left brow arched up as his eyes shot down to her. A wild amalgamation of thoughts raced throug ...
void ~ (2020-05-25)
Aurora Solis
That was my guess and that's what I added when I put you in the database lol.    ...
dystopia ~ (2020-05-25)
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