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++ Chapter I: Connections
  Chapter I ~ Connections          Without pause Nᴉʞɐ continued her casual approach, even as the others launched their desperate assaults. It all meant very little to her, fixated as she was on how best to bite into the beast's flesh. When a sudden change came over the Wraith Hound however, ...
sanarian ~ (2020-12-22)
++ Side Quest ~ The Last Stand
  Side Quest ~ The Last Stand      Kyo panted as he ran with the heavy fish over his shoulder, seldom glancing back to make sure the ogres hadn't lost interest and continued to chase him. He swiftly slid around the corner of the valley and shot his gaze up to the fort as Dai disappeared in the direction of ...
void ~ (2020-12-08)
++ Chapter I: Connections
  Chapter I ~ Connections       “Are you sure that won't do the trick?” Void emphasized as he half-nodded to Nika's new weapon in response to Cloud. He made a quick mental note of her apparent attitude adjustment, and of the beast's newfound interest in her, then hopped back a few ...
void ~ (2020-12-08)
++ Chapter I: Connections
  Chapter I ~ Connections       The wrath hound growled and eyed the swift pugilist as he took his shots in a flurry of punches and a signature finishing kick. It felt the blows but they amounted to little pain. As the fiend took a low step forward towards Karth it's body seized in pain as the lightning l ...
dystopia ~ (2020-12-07)
++ Chapter I: Connections
  Chapter I ~ Connections       Pain raced through Cloud's body as the massive, muscular canine, struck him with the full force of it's mutated frame. The ex-SOLDIER hit the ground hard, letting go of his sword as he slid back, hearing the metal of the blade clanging against the solid tile floor. For ...
dystopia ~ (2020-12-07)
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