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War of Hearts Rework


4:45 pm
September 15, 2014


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Hey, so War of Hearts is going through hopefully it's finally rework and it looks like it will be that way as well. While I'm changing, adding, and removing things I would greatly appreciate any feedback that way this can all be done at once. I created a specific thread (here) for this discussion. I've done a little, but enough to show how things will be going to start.

New Stat System.
The stat numerical wise has been greatly reduced to fit KH more. Where people started with 40 total starts they now start with 15. MP is more in line with KH1 with starting numbers being 2-6. While not exact it will make mages more accessible. HP is now 20-40 instead of near 100 so also more KH. Starting stats are now determined by class as well as stat growth. Traits will be staying so members can customize stats that way. One other big change is agility is now removed. While not part of KH statically, it was somewhat determined by the player so I added it. Agility was a somewhat complicated system so having it gone should greatly help. I'm hoping lower numbers, no agility, and less %s the stat system will be more accessible.

Classes have been simplified and expanded. There are now just 3 classes, fighter, defender, mage. Rogue is gone because agility is too. Specialization are removed as well. As they were, they served little purpose once I took out the proficiency system so removing them helped a bit. The expansion comes in as they now have more offensive abilities. I originally took them out because I wanted members to make custom ones to fit their character. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about the custom ability system, but now each class will have about 10 abilities. All now actual KH abilities, or based off them.

These will not be as uniform as they were. Exactly how I'm not sure, but all weapons will stay with possibly losing light armor since it was based of agility. I may also add a second weapon for mages, possibly wands, so they have some choice. This is still very much in and air and will come later, but just keeping people informed for any ideas they may have. The main thing is not all weapons will have as many options and more expensive based off cost. I'll probably have a system of Weapon Stats xX = munny cost so that there's a balance there. Custom weapons are already available through synthesis.

I'm a huge can of making custom abilities, I have a website full of custom abilities, mainly jutsus. I've probably spent more time on them than actually roleplaying so I brought that to WoH, probably unfortunately. For now, I'm going to be removing custom abilities until I can come up with a system for when people can make them. That is the reason why I've added offensive abilities from KH to the classes and possibly elsewhere. Advanced abilities will be gone for the most part as it was mainly stuff I made up based on FF classes that KH characters fall into.

There's more, but I don't won't to clutter this post anymore. I would greatly appreciate any feedback, especially those interested in rping KH, because I'm not just making the site for me, but for all of you as well.


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