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Author Topic: Re: Beltz Forrado - Leader of Seventh Sanctum
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Post Re: Beltz Forrado - Leader of Seventh Sanctum
on: December 6, 2013, 12:51
Name: Mazix (Beltz Forrado)
Leader of Seventh Sanctum
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Kushiban
Home World: Kushibah
Beltz is mostly introverted when around others. When he is not posing as a harmless creature in public, he is either silent or talking to those he considers "like family." Others opinions and ideas tend to not influence his decisions unless he already trusts them for advice or have worked with him long enough for him to know they know what they are doing. He generally mistrusts others outside of his own species. Unless a species has proven to be peaceful in general he will wait for an individual to prove themselves before he trusts them.
The pitch black Kushiban is pessimistic, dwelling on the negative outcomes of plans and ideas most of the time. Even so, he tends to use this to his advantage as he manages to think about how to overcome all of those situations. People he is close to are also able to help him stay out of those line of thoughts and keep him from worrying to much.
Mazix has an extreme hatred of any kind of Zoo. He will avoid them at all costs, and any entrance into one would only involve him setting everything free and causing chaos to try and free the beings that had suffered like he had.
He can be very charismatic when he needs to be, making others draw towards him in an almost sadistic magnetism that brings loyalty from those that work under him. Most of the time though, he is busy using his friend and second in command as the main leader and acting as his pet; something easily done when you are only half a meter tall. The only ones that really know him are either high in Seventh Sanctums rankings or on a separate contract through him for something.
The first eight years of Mazix's life were standard for a Kushiban. His family unit was all weavers, using their own fur and a native plant called silkweed to make clothing and tapestries for others. Being highly playful and energetic, he would often shirk his daily chores to run off into the forests to play. While never scolded for it he eventually learned his lesson when a Xinkra caught him with a claw down his back as he tried to escape. Though the wound healed, a slight bald spot on the middle of his back shows a bright pink scar as proof he had learned his lesson.
While nothing else important happened in the first eights years of his lifespan, Mazix was met with a cruel twist of fate. One day, while he was taking a collection of silkweed to his place of living, he was captured by a Wraith that shut him in a cage and whisked him off to Nar Shadaa. It was on that planet that he was sold to a exotic zoo that had never seen, nor heard, of a Kushiban and had been told they were only semi-intelligent. The zoo he was sold into was an exotic breeding zoo on Rodia, a filthy place compared to Kushiban standards. The mood adjusting fur of the young Kushiban soon turned a solid black as he grew increasingly more depressed over his situation. Not knowing any Galactic Basic or Rodian, only knowing his native language, he had no way to tell his "owners" that he wasn't actually some pet to keep in an enclosure.
After a long five years, the Rodian owners decided that the now black Kushiban they had bought was not as good an attraction as the beautiful white one that he had been when Mazix had first been sold to them. Instead of trying to find a buyer, they instead decided it would be quicker to just put him down. When the head Rodian came in wielding a long vibro-blade, Mazix decided that enough was enough. He wasn't going to let another claw run across him anymore, and was taking matters into his own hands. With a quick leap, the Kushiban leaped onto the aliens face and bit down on his right eye socket. While the Rodian reached to grab him, he managed to grab the vibro-blade and jump high enough to stab it through his stomach before running through the open enclosure.
After escaping, life on the station was hard. He slowly learned Galactic Basic off of an orphan child that was making a living as a thief. In exchange for teaching him the most common language of the galaxy, Mazix helped him in thievery so that they could both survive, and eventually prosper enough to get a ship to leave Rodian space. Sadly, not all thieves make it off station the way they wanted to. His friend in thievery left on a ship, a morgue ship. He had gotten caught stealing water to drink and the owner of the water had taken the law into his own hands with a high powered blaster.
Being alone and slightly afraid, but knowing what he was doing when it came to stealing, the Black Kushiban decided to hire people to help him out with making money to get out of the Rodian system completely. He looked for the best thieves and pickpockets, promising percentages and salaries based on how much they could fence to bring in profits. The more he hired, the better things seemed to go for himself and the others. The money being made was more than they spent due to lives of hardship, keeping most of them frugal as they tried to attain their goals. While some would make enough to live on the station happily, most he hired tried to stay until the end. It took three years, and fifteen other people that he hired as time went on, before the group he named Seventh Sanctum managed to acquire a ship and fake ID's to get off the hellhole they had been on.
It was another two years before he finally took refuge on the planet Concordia. It was here he met a merchant by the name of Rexan Blaze-qui that offered to join the syndicate. With the mans help Mazix, who had now changed his name to Beltz Forrado, was able to get into the black market as well as manage the group on a larger scale through the use of cheaper equipment. After a good year of business with almost no mishaps or arrests, Beltz raised Rexan's status to be his second in command.
The two in charge of the operation worked hard to get Seventh Sanctum where it is no today, and nothing will stop them from getting even bigger. Not the Alliance, nor the Jedi.
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