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What are Role-playing Tools?
Some, or even most of you are probably familiar with stat based RPGs, that assign attributes to your characters in order to track their progress. As it happens most stat based RPGs require some, if not a good deal of math in order when in combat or other role-playing situations. Anyone who has participated in this kind of RPG knows that the math at times can be a hassle and really slow down an RP, to avoid that as much as possible any stat based RPGs on Dystopia Productions will have the option to host special dice rollers, calculators, or any other kind of helpful tool to reduce the amount of work the RPer much complete.

Rules to Remember
These are tools not toys, while it might be nice to use them for strategy or other ways they should not be abused. The only time you should be using these tools is when it is required or allowed in a scenario on the corrisponding RPG. It should be noted that every outcome from these tools is logged, meaning that if you plan on cheating the system, redoing a bad roll, or any other means to break the rules the managers will catch it and you most likely be banned, though individual punishments will be left to the managers of each individual RPG. Basically, if you want to remain a member of said RPG you are highly adviced to not attempt cheating.

Questions and Help
If you have any questions regarding these tools you should seek the staff from the corrisponding RPG. However if you encounter a bug or any other problem with the actual working nature of the tools please make your way to the ( Help Board ) on the Dystopia Productions community forums and let us know so that we can get to the bottom of it!
RPGs that utilize these tools...