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c o m b a t  i n t r o d u c t i o n
combat is an important part of most every rpg, the battle between good and evil, or between rivals, which is the core of the forum rpg. combat on trigun project seeds is simple, and in effect you will learn everything you need to know about setting up, and carrying out a battle within this section and the gun combat section ( link )
t h e  a m b u s h
to be as realistic as possible, and really recreate the feel of trigun in a forum based rpg, an ambush system is key. characters do not get to choose if they wish to fight or not, but if attacked will have to; fight back, allow the attacker to kill or defeat them, or try to run away. the ambusher must be in the same location as the person they are ambushing, and must start a thread attacking the character. the ambushed character has 48 hours to reply (it is the ambushers duty to inform the character of the ambush, if he does not after 48 hours he is at the mercy of the ambusher) once notified the character must reply or leave themselves to the mercy of the ambusher.
w h a t  y o u  c a n  d o  o n  y o u r  t u r n
when it is your turn in combat you have a few options of what you can do; you may attack (with either a melee attack, or a gun based attack), you can use a technique or skill, you can use an item, or you can block or flee. you may only use one of these actions per combat unless a skill your character has learned says otherwise.
b a s i c  p h y s i c a l  a t t a c k s
the basic attack in combat, a punch, kick, or any other unarmed attack. these attacks are weak, and do damage based only on the strength of the attacker, and the vitality of the defender. when armed with a melee weapon, these attacks do the strength of the attacker + the weapons power damage. to land a physical attack you must out roll the character your attacking with a d20 dice. if the attacker wins, then damage is done in normal fashion, if the defender wins or ties no damage is done.
g u a r d i n g  &  f l e e i n g
if you feel your outmatched in combat you can attempt to guard or flee the battlefield. guarding only protects your character from physical attacks and will not reduce the damage of a gun based attack. while guarding your character has their vitality stat multiplied by 1.5 unless otherwise noted with a learned technique. if you think you have no chance of winning in combat you can attempt to flee the battlefield. fleeing is random, and requires you to enter the chatroom and use the ( `flee ) command, or ask a manager to do this for you. if your lucky enough you can escape and hide. after fleeing you cannot be ambushed by the same character for 24 hours.

f r e e f o r m  f i g h t i n g
it should be noted that you do NOT have to use the stat based system when battling, if you prefer to do things strictly free form and just want to use the stats as a basis for your characters abilities, by all means go for it. rewards are the same and we encourage you to role-play in the manner which your most comfortable in.

s i t e  n a v i g a t i o n