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t h e  p l a n e t  g u n s m o k e
located an unknown distance from the planet earth, gunsmoke is the home of the generations of survivors from the failed project SEEDS mission. the planet is a giant desert which before the arrival of the human’s as well as their ‘plants’ was only home to a few speicies of animals, including sand worms, thomas’, and a few species of birds. in the 130 years that survivors of the SEEDS mission have been stranded on the planet they have managed to construct many very large cities, and have even managed to grow in population, even though they would originally not have been able to survive on the planet at all without the help of the plant. in the few large population centers that have formed are a number of sites which citizens should know about.

s a l o o n
saloons are a great place to visit if you new to a town, as many serve as not only a eatery and place to consume adult beverages, but also serve as the town meeting spots.
›› ( found in: augusta, dankin, felnarl, inepril, jeneora rock, lewiston, little jersey, may, new oregon, tonim, warren ) 

p l a n t  r e a c t o r
these reactors are what make living on the planet gunsmoke possible, and are filled with machinery and strange technology. these reactors can also heal plants to 100% if visited.
›› ( found in: augusta, december, inepril, lewiston, little jersey, may, new oregon, seeds ship, tonim, warren ) 
h o s p i t a l
hospitals are where doctors can be found to treat wounds. those vitally injured MUST visit a hospital to be healed, other wounds healed to 100% here as well, though it costs 100$$ for treatment.
›› ( found in: augusta, dankin, december, felnarl, inepril, jeneora, lewiston, little jersey, may, new oregon, seeds ship ) 
i n n
inns are important for travelers, providing them a place to stay. staying in an inn costs 50$$ a day, and you can heal any non vital wounds here. you may also leave items here if you don’t want them to be taken in combat.
›› ( found in: most all but july, lottenberg ) 
p o l i c e / j a i l
if you are a bounty hunter, this is where you bring your catch, that is if you want to get the reward. for thoses in jail, it takes a 1000 word role-playing session to escape one of these locations.
›› ( found in: augusta, december, felnarl, inepril, jeneora, little jersey, may, new oregon, warren ) 

s t e a m e r  s t a t i o n
steamer stations are usually found in most larger towns and cities and serve as a way to safely and quickly travel across the harsh planet gunsmoke. it costs 50$$ to ride a sand steamer.
›› ( found in: augusta, december, inepril, jeneora, lewiston, may, warren ) 
g e n e r a l  s t o r e
if you wish to purchase items listed in the general store section of the site, you will have to make sure there is a general store in the town that your character is in.
›› ( found in: augusta, december, felnarl, inepril, jeneora, little jersey, may, new oregon, tonim, warren ) 
g u n s m i t h
custom weapons aren’t always easy to come by, and if you want to have one made you are going to need to visit a gunsmith. if your location does not have one of these, you cannot create a weapon there.
›› ( found in: augusta, december, inepril, jeneora, little jersey, may, seeds ship, tonim, warren ) 
b a n k
banks are a key part of any civilization and are a safe place to keep money. banks are also a good place to steal money from, if you have it in you. robing a bank takes a 1000 word rp, and you can steal 300$$.
›› ( found in: augusta, dankin, december, felnarl, inepril, jeneora, lewiston, jersey, may, oregon, tonim, warren ) 

s i t e  n a v i g a t i o n
t r a n s p o r t a t i o n
traveling across the planet gunsmoke can be tough at times, due to the weather of the planet, expecially if you wish to travel on foot.
traveling itself is a very easy process, you will be required to post a small rp about how you travelled from place to place, the requirements of this rp will be based on your chosen method of travel. traveling via foot from one location to another will requre a 150 word rp about the events of the travel, renting or owning a thomas and riding it will require a 100 word rp, traveling via automobile will reqire 75 words, and if you have the cash to purchase a ticket on a sand steamer (50$$) you can travel anywhere in 50 words.