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m e m b e r  d a t a b a s e
welcome to the trigun project seeds member database, this section of the site will be used to store all of the members character bios, rather then using a separate site, as has become the norm. below are small bios of the main characters from the trigun series as well as information on whether those characters have been taken, or are available.

v a s h  t h e  s t a m p e d e
also known as the humanoid typhoon, vash is a wanted gunman with a $$60,000,000,000 reward on his head. though vash is credited with the destruction of many towns and cities, there is no record of him ever taking a life.
›› ( availability: taken ) - ( bio link )
m i l l i o n s  k n i v e s
twin brother of vash, but completely different views on the human race. he loves his brother dearly, but believes him to be misguided. it was him alone that caused project seeds to crash down upon the planet gunsmoke.
›› ( availability: taken ) - ( bio link )
n i c h o l a s  d .  w o l f w o o d
a traveling priest, wolfwood’s church also doubles as an orphanage. like vash, wolfwood also tries his best to save as many people as he can, but as he says, " if the majority can be saved by the death of a lesser amount, then so be it."
availability: taken ) - ( bio link )
m e r y l  s t r y f e
known as "derringer meryl," meryl works for the bernadarii insurance co. she and milly are a team. meryl is more like the leader of the two. she gives the orders and milly follows what she says. shes also the most serious of the pair.
›› ( availability: taken ) - ( bio link )
m i l l y  t h o m p s o n
known as "stungun milly," milly also works for the bernadarii insurance co. milly’s a bit ditzy and oblivious to some things, but she doesn’t seem to have a mean bone in her body. she mainly just likes to eat and have fun
›› ( availability: taken ) - ( bio link )

t h e  g u n g – h o  g u n s
the gung-ho guns are an important organization within the trigun universe. below you can find short bios on the twelve members of the gung-ho guns, as well as information on the availability of those characters.

l e g a t o  b l u e s u m m e r s
legato is one of knives servants. along with the gung-ho guns, his main goal in life is to make vash suffer eternally. legato has the ability to psychically control peoples’ bodies, and can telepathically talk to vash through his mind.
›› ( availability: taken ) - ( bio link )
c a i n e  t h e  l o n g s h o t
caine is a mute, talented sniper who can cloak his body and utilizes a rifle many times longer then the norm. with it, caine can hit foes from a mile or two away, and is considered very talented indeed.
›› ( availability: open ) - ( bio link )
c h a p e l  t h e  e v e r g r e e n
chapel is wolfwoods mentor; carrying the parent version of wolfwoods cross punisher.. he cared for nicholas after his guardians death and dresses in dark green and has red goggles grafted to his face.
›› ( availability: open ) - ( bio link )
d o m i n i q u e  t h e  c y c l o p s
the only female of the bunch, dominique the cyclops has the ability known as the demons eye. its a mechanical eye that when viewed, induces a trance on the opponent, stunning them and making her seem lightning fast.
›› ( availability: open ) - ( bio link )
g r a y  t h e  n i n e l i v e s
gray is most famous for being invincible, the reason being that he is a cyborg. the only remaining part of humanity in him would be his brain. this is his key weakness, for which is the only way in which he can be killed.
›› ( availability: open ) - ( bio link )
h a p p e r e d  t h e  g a n t e t
resembling a toy top, the oddly but appropriately named hoppered is capable of very powerful leaps. he carries an indestructible shield that uses some kind of rocket-engine to propel itself, turning hoppered into a living projectile.
›› ( availability: open ) - ( bio link )
l e o n o f  t h e  p u p p e t m a s t e r
leonof controls mannequin-like puppet creatures from a remote location. these puppets are very realistic, though those he deploys for fighting resemble unfinished dolls. he is considered the most intelligent of the gung-ho guns.
availability: open ) - ( bio link )
m i d v a l l e y  t h e  h o r n f r e a k
midvalley the hornfreak is a musician who is able to use his saxophone sylvia to synchronize sound waves with pain, causing physical damage. he also is capable of neutralizing sounds by playing counter-frequencies on his saxophone.
›› ( availability: taken ) - ( bio link )
m i n e  t h e  e . g . m i n e s
not much is known about mine, but he wears a protective suit that resembles a spiked mine. he uses special control threads for deploying lethal spikes, and can even hurl his body at the opponents. he is over confident and very foolish.
›› ( availability: open ) - ( bio link )
m o n e v  t h e  g a l e
locked away in a cell by knives, monev the gale spent twenty some odd years training his body to be able to take on vash. his body is massive, and he tends to carry a vast assortment of weapons with him.
›› ( availability: open ) - ( bio link )
r a i – d e i  t h e  b l a d e
rai-dei is a samurai who seeks the knowledge learned only when facing death. he carries a sword, and is able to swing it with enough force to create a sonic blast. his blade hides a few secrets in it aswell.
›› ( availability: open ) - ( bio link )
z a z i e  t h e  b e a s t
zazie the beast is an evil entity, that takes over the bodies of the unsuspecting, in order to kill his enemies. it is currently residing in the body of an orphan named beep.
›› ( availability: open ) - ( bio link )

s i t e  n a v i g a t i o n