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e a r t h ‘ s  p r o j e c t  s e e d s ›› ( 151+ years ago )
many generations ago the human race faced great troubles as their home planet earth could no longer sustain the ever growing population of the race. the great leaders and scientists of the planet knew there was only one option if the human race was to survive, to colonize another planet. the mission was termed project SEEDS, which would send a fleet of ships home to millions of cryogenically frozen human beings to populate a planet far from earth which would be the new home of the human race. the ships were guided and powered by a creature that the human race had created some time before the project began, known only as ‘plant’. as the project SEEDS ships journeyed through space in search of the future home of the race scientists worked on the ships to hopefully better understand the ‘plant’ that they depended on to create the energy to guide their ships, as well as create the food and water that they would rely on, little did these scientist know that they would create a pair of ‘plant’ that would cause the destruction of their fleet, and cause the marooning of the survivors on a almost uninhabitable planet.

t h e  g r e a t  f a l l  f r o m  h e a v e n ›› ( 150 years ago )
sometime during the project SEEDS mission scientist created a pair of ‘plant’, known as knives and vash, that were independent and did not need the shelter to survive that most of the ‘plant’ did.. the young boys grew quickly and wished only to be liked by the humans who piloted the ship they were on until the day that the boys discovered that there had been another independent ‘plant’ created before them, named tesla, who had been tested and experimented on until her death. the truth enraged knives and send vash into a deep depression. knives’ hate grew as he had been abused by crew members of the SEEDS ships and now understood why, while vash slowly began to trust the human race thanks to one of the scientist on the ship, rem saverem, but knives had chosen his path and began to devise a way to destroy the project SEEDS fleet as revenge for the pain he had suffered. knives created and infected the SEEDS ships with a vrius which destroyed the piloting abilities of all but one ship, which was used for plant research. rather then escaping to a nearby barren planet with knives and vash, rem stayed behind and was able to save many of the ships, which fell to the planet gunsmoke, along with knives and vash.

c o l o z i n a t i o n  o f  g u n s m o k e ›› ( 149 years ago )
the few project SEEDS ships that rem managed to save from the destruction knives brought upon them fell to the planet gunsmoke and the humans that survives the crashes were stranded, but were lucky that many ‘plant’ had also fallen with the surviving ships. these ‘plant’ would be used to create vegetation and water for the human race as they began to set up cities and towns all across the planet and over the next few decades began to call gunsmoke home. the humans knew however, that the ‘plant’ that had survived would not last forever and one day they would all die, leaving the human survivors without any source of food or water, and no way to leave the planet. the human’s only hope is that somehow earth had survived and that they would soon come in search of the mission project SEEDS fleet and discover the survivors.

t h e  j u l y  i n c i d e n t ›› ( 7 years ago )
over the time since the devastation of the project SEEDS mission and the great fall from heaven that brought the human race to the planet gunsmoke vash and knives began to explore planet and 14 years after the arrival on the planet knives took vash to the wreckage of one of the project SEEDS ships, its at this time that knives created the angel arms, which he intended for vash and himself to use to destroy the human race. vash was overwhelmed with his brothers hate and in a feeling of betrayal he shot his brother and stole the other angel arm, then ran leaving his brother and joined in with the human civilization. vash spent the next 50 plus years living with the humans, finding the remains of the last operational SEED ship sometime during this period which lead him to begin his search for bill conrad a former crew member of the SEEDS ship that he and knives had grown up on, vash would find that he was living in july city, but knives located conrad first and forced him to help knives understand the ‘plant’ powers and to test these powers he activated vash’s angel arm within the city, destroying it completely.

t h e  f i f t h  m o o n  i n c i d e n t ›› ( 1 years ago )
having lost all memory of the events that took place in july city, only remembering awaking in the wreakage and knowing that he had been responsible for the deaths of all the people who called that place home, vash began to wander the planet gunsmoke, striken with guilt. after six years of wandering vash encountered legato bluesummers, one of the gung-ho guns who had be trained and employed by knives to torture vash. legato informed vash that he would be visited by 13 gung-ho guns who would make his life hell. vash would encounter a small number of the group of assassins as he continued to travel, now seeking his brother. knives, who had been critically injured by vash during the july incident had been snychronized within a plant reactor in jenora rock for six years, had finally healed just as his brother arrived in the town. vash confronted knives, who used his knowledge of the plant to activate vash’s angel arm once again. vash managed to divert the massive blast upward, blasting a massive crater in gunsmokes fifth moon. when vash awoke, knives and all of the gung-ho guns were gone, but vash could clearly recall the events that had occured the night before. vash, now fearful of the true power that he welded, went into hiding, hoping to never endanger the lives of innocent people again.

t h e  p r e s e n t ›› ( 1 year after the 5th moon incident )
vash has been in hiding for over a year, doing his best to deal with the guilt that has followed him since the july city and fifth moon incidents, while knives is almost ready to begin his ultimate plan, the destruction of all human life on the planet gunsmoke. before knives can begin his ounslaught on the human race he must first find vash, who was able to dissapear after the fifth moon incident, and has found himself living in a small now under the new name eriks, but trouble will always find the huminoid typhoon, no matter how hard he trys to avoid it.

* c h o n i c l e  l o g
the past history described above took place before the sites official storyline began, for a full rundown of the chronicle events that have occured past this point please redirect to the chronicle page. ( link )

s i t e  n a v i g a t i o n
m o r e  i n f o r m a t i o n
use this guide to find out more information about the terms used in this history of planet gunsmoke and the colonization by the human survivors of the project SEEDS mission.
p r o j e c t  s e e d s  f l e e t
the exact size of the project SEEDS fleet is unknown but it was a very large fleet of at least one thousand large space craft filled
with citizens of earth who volunteered to be cryogenically frozen for transportation to a new home planet where it would be their duty to build a new civilization for the human race. most of the project SEEDS ships were destroyed when knives sabotaged the SEEDS mission by infecting the fleets computers with a virus, which caused the majority of the ships to explode in space, the few ships that rem saved found their way to gunsmoke as part of the fabled great fall from heaven that started the colonization of the planet.

t h e  p l a n t
the remains of the plant that were used by the project SEEDS mission have been salvaged and used to create energy as well as food and
water for the descendants of the survivors of the great fall from heaven. many of the descendants of the survivors have forgotten or never knew the truth about the plant and what exactly they are, an organism created by humans that can produce actions that suprass the laws of physics. the plant used in the reactors that power the cities and create food and water for the human colonists are not like vash or knives, independent, but instead need to be protected within the reactors to survive.

t h e  a n g e l  a r m s
thought to be the ultimate source of power
for a plant, the angel arm is something that
the plant have automatically, however they
lack the knowledge and skill to use the weapon on their own. Plants who are untrained in their plant techniques still have the ability to use the angel arm, but only instinctually when the plant is in grave danger or near death. The arm itself is extremely dangerous and can manifest itself into a massive cannon that fires a blast large enough to destory and entire city. the angel arm can also manifest itself into other forms, expecially for those plants who have learned to use the power on their own.