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Welcome to War of Hearts
  Welcome to the War of Hearts. I shall guide you through the world, my world, of Kingdom Hearts. You have been chosen, you are one who may possibly wield a keyblade. All in the universe conform to my guidance, except for you chosen. I prevented that pesky part of Ventus and Sora, never did much like the chi-blade. Ventus remains locked somewhere I can’t see. Sora was swallowed by the darkness on Destiny Island and never resurfaced. The heartless have begun capturing planets and corrupting humans and beast, seeking a keyblade user capable of opening Kingdom Hearts. Yen Sid has gathered the forces of Light in an attempt to thwart the new threat. Nobodies, well, they are biding their time for a nobody capable of wielding a keyblade to come. Who will you be in my story?  
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Shogo Maki ~ (2017-07-24)
Chapter One: Keyblade Master
  Chapter 1: Keyblade Master       A sense of uncertainty grasped at Laguna as the things around him seemed to go from weird to crazy in the matter of a few moments. Days before when he had arrived in this place—Traverse Town as he learned it to be called—he had found much of the events that broug ...
dystopia ~ (2017-07-24)
Chapter One: Keyblade Master
  Chapter One: Keyblade Master       The remaining shadow look back and forth between Sora and Laguna as if unsure of who to attack. Not wanting to waste a moment after seeing Laguna attacked, Sora ran and slide past the shadow, his keyblade smashing the shadow in a puff of smoke. A bead of sweat ran dow ...
Shogo Maki ~ (2017-07-23)
Chapter One: Keyblade Master
  Chapter 1: Keyblade Master       Laguna felt the sharp pain of the Shadow's claws as he was pushed forward by the force of the attack, stumbling for a moment before he was able to regain his balance. Turning around swiftly he came face to face with the creature, it's glowing yellow eyes a sharp cont ...
dystopia ~ (2017-07-20)
Chapter One: Keyblade Master
  Chapter One: Keyblade Master       The ambient sound of combat carried through the air from the 2nd district. Sora jumped back to his feet at being sent flying back from the soldier that was shortly blasted in a puff of smoke by the barrage of bullets from Laguna. Sora looked at Laguna with fierce dete ...
Shogo Maki ~ (2017-07-17)
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