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Arachnid Designs ~ (Years Active: 2004-2005)
» Creator(s): Strife, Abyss, ZD ~ Staff: Valix, Gav, Jadavo, Deedz
Arachnid Designs was a merger between the very successful Gensou Omega Designs and it's main rival GFX-Portfolios, which were two of the largest groups around and bore a mega group that would be remembered as the last giant of the GFX age on MSN Groups. AD ran for roughly a year, and finally fell after a major rift between the staff that caused several staff members to split from the crew and form their own GFX Community. While AD lived on though this split and did outlive the rival community it would never be a massive as it had been during it's prime, and no GFX site would ever match it on MSN Groups.
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Video Game
Chrono Trigger: Eternal Gaze ~ (Years Active: 2005)
» Creator(s): Strife ~ Staff: Saiyen, Audion, Serno
Upon it's opening Eternal Gaze was something of a shocker, a niche RP based on a SNES era RPG that exploded into the activity rankings in a way that was unimaginable to Strife. EG had been a pet project, something Strife worked on for nearly 6 months after returning from a brief hiatus after the closing of FF8 Annihilation. Launched as the first Create Project, EG spent two weeks near the top of the RPG activity rankings but it's activity was more than the staff were prepared for, expecting a far smaller turn out for a niche RPG. The RPG was effectively abandoned.
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Create ~ (Years Active: 2005-2007)
» Creator(s): James, JJ, Ben, Strife ~ Staff: Serno, Andrew, Saiyan, Cooler, Red, Fevian
Create was a return to the community spirit of the early days in the MSN Groups community. Meant to be both a community for RPers and GFX artists to unite and release news about their own work and a homepage for the official create team which put out several RPGs of their own. Create was one of the largest and most active communities in the history of MSN Groups, but will forever be connected with the RPG Review Guide due to a bitter rivalry that raged on for almost the entire lifespan of the community. In the end create would disband but return 9 months later as Cyberpunk.
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Dragon Ball Z
DBZ: Renewed Faith ~ (Years Active: 2005-2009)
» Creator(s): Strife, Saiyen ~ Staff: Cooler, Santy, Sanarian, Jay, Fevian
DBZ: Renewed Faith was a late cycle DBZ RPG created by Strife and Saiyen. The RPG was meant to be the end all be all DBZ RPG and most importantly a DBZ RPG that was original to the DBZ source material. RF ended up have three distinctive runs, the original which started fast but fizzled not long after. A second much more successful run which saw it become one of the top RPGs on MSN Groups for an extended period of time, and a final limited third run on CPN Groups which was active for a few weeks before fizzling.
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Dragon Ball Z
DBZ: The Uprising ~ (Years Active: 2005-2007)
» Creator(s): Javado ~ Staff: Sukara, Axium, Santy, Cooler, Overlord, Anvil
Created originally by Javado, who had be involved with many successful DBZ RPGs in the past (Saiyan Crisis most notably), DBZ the Uprising went through several ownership transactions over the years. Through it's two year run it remained one of the most active DBZ RPGs on MSN Groups, even returning to prominent rankings after several deletions by the hands of hackers. DBZ the Uprising would later spawn DBZ: The Eradication which was also a very successful DBZ RPG and continued it's lineage.
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Espionage ~ (Years Active: 2007)
» Creator(s): Johnny ~ Staff: ---
Espionage was a original RPG that opened in July 2007, created by Johnny. The focus of the site was a futuristic spy story set it the year 2017 with the players taking up the reigns as CIA agents. Though the site was well received for its original and well laid out content it never took off and only remained active for a few weeks.
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Final Fantasy
FF7 Fortress ~ (Years Active: 2003-2004, 2005-2007)
» Creator(s): Strife ~ Staff: Rikio, Trigger, Rueben, Saiyen, Cooler, Fevian
Going through several revisions over the years, FF7 Fortress was a prominent MSN Groups RPG that was consistently among the most active and well received RPGs. The original run lasted just under 16 months in 2003 and 2004 which set the legacy and reshaped what Final Fantasy RPGs could be in play by post formats. After a Hiatus Fortress returned with a retooled staff as an official create project in 2005 and for a time remained a private RPG. Later in 2006 it would open to the public in it's final, most refined form, and once again reign at the top of the RPG rankings.
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